Saturday, May 01, 2004

Thought I Was Leaving, Didn't You?

Finally, after weeks of speculation and intrigue, I finally have an answer to the question everyone has been asking me for the past month

"When Are You Leaving London?"

The Answer: Not in May

I received great news while I was in Rome! Before I left for London, I had was approved to start an internship with this organization called the Institute of Quality Assurance, within their marketing department. However, I sat on the ropes because I didn't have any way of securing funding for more time at my flat. However, thanks to my grandfather, who apparently heard my problems from my mother, I got a much needed financial shot in the arm to give me just enough wiggle room to get a job here in London and keep my flat for another month. So, I'm staying in London till June!!! Now, there's one more month of antics to follow here on the Musings. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will. Maybe I'll finally mingle with the natives..:-)


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