Monday, May 30, 2005

Crush of the Month (June 2005)

Miss Lebanon
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It definitely has been a couple of months since I last published my "Crush of the Month" winner. Of course, with the incredible releases of "Sin City" and the upcoming release of "Fantastic 4", Jessica Alba definitely had the star power to carry that mantle for months on end. But now, her reign (as well as the brief reign of the PSP, which was really just a distraction from Jessica herself) is over. There's a new Crush of the Month this time around, and it's none other than the upcoming contestant in the Miss Universe pageant, "Miss Lebanon", Nadine Njeim. Wow... she's something... and my pick to win the whole damn thing. And if she doesn't win, well, then those judges are plain wack, lol. At least, however, she can walk away knowing that she made it on the Daily Musings official "Crush of the Month" list! Congrats!


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