Sunday, May 29, 2005

Why Chickens Should Never Cross the Road

Jaywalking Chicken graphic
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This had to be one of the more oddball stories I've seen in a little while. In California, a chicken was ticketed for jaywalking across a road. Yes, people... A CHICKEN. I wish I was making this up, but this is an actual true story. Now, before everyone begins dreaming up images of a cop pulling a chicken over and asking it for a form of identification, it must be said that the cop didn't actually physically hand the ticket to the chicken itself, but rather had it sent home to the owners of the walking food item. The $54 ticket, however, was dismissed, after lawyers representing the chicken's family argued that the chicken was domesticated. The California law dealing with animal jaywalking specifically deals with "livestock", and since the family proved that the chicken was an actual pet instead of livestock, the ticket was dismissed.

I'm sure the family celebrated the goofball victory by having a nice roasted chicken dinner. :-D

You can read about the story, courtesy of CNN, here.


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