Thursday, May 05, 2005

Movie of the Month (May 2005)

My latest movie project, "The Price of Cool" is this month's "Movie of the Month" on the Shindig. A departure from last month's tribute to sex-crazed spring break antics, this particular project was initiated with a single thought; how much do we, as humans, have to give up, in terms of our humanity, in order for us to be able to enjoy the latest and greatest in technology? By making a parody of this generation's "must-have gadget", the iPod, it is my hope to show everyone what is the next logical evolutionary step for music-playing technology...but how much of a compromise are we willing to make to have it?

Check out the movie here at the Shindig's Movie Gallery.

Send me your comments, and let me know what you guys think... this is most definitely a work in progress...

EDIT: Please note that the movie takes about 2-4 minutes to load, depending on your internet connection. You will see the Quicktime logo during the time the movie is loading, so just sit tight and wait for the movie to begin. Total length of the feature is about 2 1/2 minutes.


Blogger Smiles said...

Hey! I tried to watch the movie but it won't load? The apple timer thing just stuck still? I'm gonna try it agin, cause the movie sounds cool!
PS - ohhhhhh my god guess who just bought an ipod?! Yeah baby. I deliberated whether I really do need a proper ipod when they're so much more expensive than the minis, and also the mini 2nd generation's battery life is amazing, but then I figured, I have around 3000 songs and I want them all on at the same time, right? So I bought the 20gig. But I'm finding the battery life quite dissapointing and the polarizing marks on the screen are much worse than my bro's or friends ones are and its bugging me. On they said it just happens on some of them, but I might change it for an unmarked one anyway.

PPS - just went on to compare UK & US prices - UNFAIR?! In the UK a 202 gig is £209 - thats converter... $395.42. But in the US, an ipod is $300 dollars, thats around £158 :O tsk. Anyway, thought you might be excited about me joining the apple race! I heart my new ipod :D lol.


9:44 AM  
Blogger Smiles said...

Oooh and forgot to say - UK election, exciting stuff!
I voted for the first time ever, yay, because I'm 18 now, and voted Liberal Democrat, the third party really without much influence but with very good policies on scrapping Uni top-up fees (boo, hiss), a liberal attitude to politics, and better environmental policies. And they campaigned against Iraq big-time, unlike Labour or Conservative. I nearly voted Labour because I got worried about "splitting the vote" by not supporting labour, therefore letting in the horrible tories with their embarressingly right-wing politics and rubbish priorites - apart from Blair the Bliar, labour has a lot going for it and seems to have done pretty well since 1997. Luckily they still got in, with a lower majority, losing seats to the conservatives (urgh) but also the lib dems, which is good and will further Lib dem power for the next election when they'll be able to give a stronger voice. Anyway, it was real exciting and reminded me of you writing about the Presidential election last year! I remember you said you read The Guardian sometimes, if you're interested there's a quite interesting cover sotry by Simon Schama (sp?) comparing the media hype in the American to UK elections, it made some funny/interesting points, although Schama himself is a bit annoying I reckon. Anyway it should be on guardian or whatever it is :)


9:51 AM  
Blogger djkibblesnbits said...

Thanks for dropping by, Smiles. It's great to see you're coming on over every once in awhile. I hope you guys made it alright in that car accident you had. I know all about them things after dealing with two of them in a one-month span from November-December... it's all Zulay's fault, I assure you. :-)

As for the movie, see the new "EDIT" I made to the post.

I'm happy to hear you got a new iPod. That's awesome. Yeah, the battery life is disappointing, but, it's something that you have to kinda get used to when you're using a high-end tech product of that nature. You just have to remember to religiously charge the thing every night. As for the lines on your screen, I suggest you get another one. There's no reason for you to have an inferior iPod. And as for that price thing? Trust me, that discrepancy is across ALL products. Which also explains why I went so broke when I was out in the UK. I was paying double the price for everything while I was out there because of the exchange rate.

Before Bush, it was the other way around, y'know. We were the ones paying double what you guys were paying because of the strength of the dollar. No more of that now.

Yup, I know all about the election in the UK. If I were in England, I would've probably voted Labour too, based on the fact that Labour is about the same as America's Democratic party, except just a tad more left. Liberal Democrats sounded cool, but, I would've rather voted Labour than to split the vote among the Tories. Conservative politicians in ANY nation are downright wack. Congrats on your first vote!

11:56 AM  
Blogger Freebird said...

Dang it! I don't have Quicktime! Boo! :-(

12:16 AM  
Blogger Freebird said...

You MUST post a graduation picture! :-)

12:18 AM  
Blogger djkibblesnbits said...

Quicktime is a free download at So, by all means, take the three minutes to install Quicktime, and then check out my movie! :-)

12:34 AM  

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