Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"Once a Week" Musings

Given the ridiculous amount of things I've had to do these past couple of months, it's been unfortunate that, among other things, this wonderful little blog has suffered with a lack of content, at least when compared to this time, last year. Between the senior year projects, end-of year social events, work, and Apple stuff, I've been swamped with so many activities. It's really awful, considering that there have been so many hilarious things that have been happening lately, as well. Maybe I'll do one big freaking "catch-up" season over the summer, where I'll publish a daily blog reviewing some of the major events of the past semester...

Until then, however, I'm stuck with updating the "Daily" Musings, once a week. Kinda sucks, no?

So here are some random updates...

...I'm getting my senior ring on April 29th. It's pretty cool, I guess. There's gonna be some fancy schmancy ceremony where the Vice-Chancellor of the school is going to formally present me with my ring. What will I be doing during this event? Pigging out on all the free food, of course! I am, after all, a broke ass college student!

...I'm staying at Syracuse for an extra semester folks. Yes, it is true. I am here for one more freaking Fall semester. I'll also be here for the summer, too. Well, not all of it. Only the first month, or so. I have to tie up some loose ends and also finish up my second major. After that, I'm not sure what I'll be doing. I'm looking forward to moving up into Apple Corporate upon graduation, but we'll see where that goes. I can't wait to have some free time on my hands where I can head back down to NYC and begin experimenting with some of the things that I've been wanting to dive into for a long time... Let's just say that it's time to see how much raw "talent" I really have... and no, I'm not talking about 42nd Street, you freaking haters! :-)

...Single life is beginning to really bore me... It's just too bad that I feel that there isn't anyone out there that I've encountered thus far that's ready for someone undergoing what I call a "character revitalization." (Some people call it, "finding themselves," which quite frankly, I think, is one of the stupidest fucking phrases out there. Find myself? I'm right here, biatch!) is fast becoming the "find your old friends from years past" hot spot. I'm all of a sudden getting IMed from mad people from my grade school and high school. I'm getting comments ranging from, "Damn, Ray, you've certainly come of age," to, "Mutha fucka, you're an even worse asshole than ever!" Ah,'s refreshing, to say the least. :-)

...My momma has taken a big bold step and has made, "the Switch..." After two decades of using Windows environments, she has collected the courage to buy herself a Mac. As of this writing, it still hasn't come in yet, but, it should be interesting seeing how my mother manages using it, considering she really doesn't have experience with Apple computers. I look forward to answering her newbie questions, like, "How do I uninstall programs?" It's easy, momma. Just find the program icon, and drag it into the Trash Can. That's it. No, "Install/Remove Programs" window to fumble around with. :-)

...Speaking of Macs, the new Mac operating system, "Tiger" is coming out on the 29th. I look forward to its release not because I'm an Apple employee, but also because it's going to be rather cool using that new search technology called "Spotlight." You don't know how many times I've written kick-ass sentences and descriptions, and I can't remember what document it was saved in. Instead of opening up 20 documents to find one phrase, I can now type in my phrase in this little menu, and in two seconds flat, the document pops up with the text highlighted. It'll definitely be a lifesaver, considering all the writing I do on a daily basis.

...No one else has been killed in my neighborhood since my last post...

...In all my four years at SU, only Anna, Javan and Kenny have made it to Central NY to visit me out of my high school friends. What's up with that?! (Wait, I can't forget Arash and Al, but they came up to see my old roommate, Nelson.) All this talk of, "Ray, I want to visit you," and NOTHING! Ya'll officially suck. I think, along with my Crush of the Month category, I should have a "Sucky Person of the Month." And I'd nominate all them people who said that they were going to come through and never did. (Just joking, people... but ya'll still suck. :-) ) Well, here's a newsflash, folks; now that I have one more semester, you have one more chance to visit me, so come on through, wenches, and take advantage of the antics that only we could provide up here in the Cuse. :-) And my blogging buddies are more than welcome to come through and visit, as well. :-D

...I'm still walking at graduation this year, by the way, so, that's not changing...

...Happy 4/20 day!!! Here's a toast to all them potheads out there. It's just too bad that tomorrow is "Drug Test Day..." So, smoke carefully! :-)

...Starbucks is getting on my nerves. Fucking, I saw Mickey Mouse chillin in the back storeroom like shit was sweet. This tiny little brown mouse waddled up to my foot, looked up at me, and actually said, "Eep, eep," while I was on my lunch break during a shift last week. I couldn't believe it. I moved my foot in an effort to shoo it away, and the thing just sat there looking at me! It's amazing how that store hasn't been shut down by health inspectors considering how god damn dirty the place is. The store is in dire need of massive renovations, and Corporate keeps dragging its feet about doing it. So now, we have Mickey Mouse in the back storeroom, and as Partners, we're being told to keep a blind eye to it. I really can't believe that the store's management is sinking that low. So, now, when a customer buys a chocolate chip cookie, I question whether or not I should tell that individual that the cookie they're purchasing might have something other than chocolate as chips...

(I exaggerate... All of our pastries are wrapped and stuffed in refrigerators, so if Mickey really wanted to get up on the food, all he'd be doing is slipping and sliding on the wet cellophane wrappers. :-))

...I see a new Pope has been elected. Whatever. I'm tired of news coming out the Vatican. Thanks to this ridiculous amount of coverage in media, now all of a sudden, EVERYONE is a fucking expert on Papal Doctrine. This random Jewish guy in one of my classes yesterday comes up to me and says, "Hey, did you hear that the new Pope selected "Benedict" for his name? He's hoping to follow in the tradition of the previous Benedicts, who were known for their compassion..." I'm like, "What the fuck? Who the fuck cares! Why the fuck YOU care? Why the fuck WE care?" I'm all for people learning about other cultures, but, you don't need to tell me the name of all the previous 255 Popes (See what I mean!? How the fuck I know that number!?) to strike up a convo with a Catholic dude. Never mind that the vast majority of us took one look at the dude just elected, and moved on with our lives. I can't freaking believe there was an actual, "Smoke Cam" that focused in on the Sistene Chapel's chimney thing that was used to alert whether or not a new Pope was elected. Enough is enough already with media coverage. Why can't people be sudden experts on issues that REALLY affect them, like the capitalist Prison Complex, or the fact that our minimum wage ain't doing shit for people? I would like to see experts running around about that. THEN, we could talk.

...Alrighty, I guess, that's all for my weekly Musing! :-)

EDIT: Apparently, there were 265 Popes before this new bad...the Jewish guy holla'd me. I stand corrected. Still, see what I friggin mean!!!?


Blogger Zulay said...

I love how I i'm not supposed to even need your musing since i LIVE with you....

but i still read :-)


12:51 PM  
Blogger Freebird said...

I hate sucky people. In my case its something like, "Let's get together for a drink" and then you never hear from them or they're too busy! That's my biggest pet peeve.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about not having any time... I have SOO much on my plate right now, I hardly have time for anything at all. -Anna

3:33 PM  

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