Thursday, March 24, 2005

Happy National Orange Day!

135 years ago, a bunch of peanutheads said, "Hey, let's start a college in the middle of fucking nowhere in the frozen tundra!"

And thus, 135 years ago, Syracuse University was born.

Yes people, today is National Orange Day, a day when some 225,000 living SU Alumni all gather 'round and remember the good ol' days when they got head on the Quad, and choose to ignore the fact that our almighty basketball team was trounced by a bunch of scrubs from Vermont in the NCAA Tournament.

To celebrate, Syracuse's skyline will be Orange. (Y'know, because the Chancellor owns this big weather machine that has complete control over the surrounding conditions within the City of Syracuse. All SU students know that whenever there's good weather in the middle of winter, there's a very good chance that weather is only there because the Chancellor is schmoozing to potential incoming freshmen. ) Several other places are getting in on the festivities too. Like the Empire State Building will fly the SU flag and have orange lighting at the top. Or Otto, the school mascot will jump off the Grand Canyon and hope he'll bounce back up. (Don't hold your breath for that one...the fat bastard.) (Just kidding on that one...I'll slice his throat first...)

(Okay, okay...just kidding...after all, "Otto" is really a tiny, cute girl wearing a really dorky costume. She's cool people.)

How can YOU celebrate National Orange Day?

Buy an Apple. :-D

(OKAAAAY...just kidding...cono...)

Eat a orange. And don't ask me why the hell we're the "Orange" considering oranges don't even grow in New York State. Apples do.

All the more reason to buy an Apple. :-D

Apples, Oranges...same shit, in my world. :-)


Blogger Nima said...

Heh, I already have an Apple, and I ate an orange, just for you :)

4:16 PM  
Blogger Veronica said...

Whatever, as long as you get to celebrate by getting drunk, right? :o)

Do it, 'ey!

7:16 PM  

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