Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ghost Stories


With a week left of summer vacation, Nelson, this sophomore that pledged Morgan, Pedro, and Edwin's fraternity last semester, came to my apartment and stayed over until he was able to move into his own place on campus. During that time, Nelson and I just kicked back and had fun, taking advantage of the remaining free time we had left before classes began. Now of course, considering that we are living in an old house this semester, I couldn't have gone the entire week and NOT tell Nelson a ghost story about the house. So, one morning, I told him about how one day, I was walking through the house, when I suddenly saw someone sitting down in front of a dresser and looking right at me from an empty room towards the back of the house. I told him about how I did a double take, went back into the room, and saw absolutely nothing in there. Not even the dresser. Now, the story itself is true: I actually DID see this person in this room, and I saw that individual on more than one occasion during my time in the apartment over the summer. While I know a lot of people would be completely freaked out about seeing something like that, I really don't spend much time dwelling on it, so it's not a big deal to me. Hey, if a ghost is there, I can't do anything about it, so why waste my time being afraid of it? After all, it's not doing anything to me, and I'm not doing anything to it, so why worry?

Of course, not everyone shares my lackadaisical attitude towards the ghost in my house, and I knew, somehow, that Nelson wasn't going to be too happy about the possibility of supernatural spirits being present in the house he was staying in. So, when I told him that morning, just for kicks, he reacted just as thought he would: with absolute denial...

"Nah, son. You lying son. You just trying to scare me."

I didn't have to say anything more after that. Once you have someone react with a denial as strong as that one, you got 'em, hook, line and sinker. You could tell that in the back of his mind, he was dwelling and thinking about the possibility of the ghost in the house and began "remembering" sudden door slams in the middle of the night. He could also suddenly recall also seeing the figure inside the bedroom, looking at him everytime he walked by. The story had stuck, big time.

When Edwin first moved into the apartment, Nelson made sure that he got the news of our supernatural friend. He told him the story, and then of course, Edwin replied with a "man, I don't believe in ghosts." But then, after a while, he too began asking for more information, even though it was about something that he didn't "believe in." Before long, Nelson would scare the bejesus out of him by staking a hideout spot in the room and busting out everytime Edwin walked by.

"Get out of my house!!!"

"Ohhh shit, AHHHHHHH!!!!"

Fun times here at the house. :-)


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Poor Edwin. LOL.

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