Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Farewells

"In the past few days, there have been a number of incidents involving students who have urinated into trash receptacles, smeared fecal matter onto walls, and have left behind evidence of their sexual activities in stairwells. We will no longer tolerate such activity, and are prepared to take sweeping measures that will ensure that every student within this building will take responsibility for these actions, should they keep occurring."

There's nothing like a big fat reminder that you're living in the dorms when you receive a letter like this underneath your door. "Fecal matter on walls?" Ewww. I mean, c'mon guys, if you wanted to change the paint color of your room, there are better ways of doing it, man.

Since I've been in Cuse, I've been staying inside Edwin's dorm room (my now former roommate) while he takes summer classes to complete his degree requirements. It worked out well for me, because he was given a split double dorm room, which in effect, is two rooms in one, so, he chills on one side, while I occupy the other. The only bad thing about the arrangement is that I do not have constant internet access, so I have to steal the ethernet cable off of his computer every once in awhile to check e-mail and to post another entry into the blog. But, it's not like I can be on the internet all day, anyways. I did come to Cuse to do labwork in the darkrooms, after all, so it's not like I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for the opportunity to hop online. It works out.

Thus far, I'm about a third of the way done with my labwork. I got a decent amount done yesterday after being in the lab for about 8 hours straight. While I don't mind working in the darkroom, the only bad thing about it is that for all those 8 hours, I'm on my feet, so by the time I walk out of there, I feel like I've been holding up the Earth for 3000 years. My feet notwithstanding, photo lab work is almost... soothing. I mean, you're busy making waves inside of a developing tray most of the time, waiting for images to pop out. It can be rather boring after awhile, but as long as you have some decent tunes in your ear, it should be fine, and the time passes relatively quickly when you're really into it.

After the lab closed at 6, I chilled with some folks to pass the time and to say my goodbyes. I had dinner with my friend, Jen, over at Uno's for a bit, as we caught up, outlined our future, and just chilled inside a local mall. I hadn't chilled with her for almost a year, so it was great actually seeing her again for more than just a minute as we passed each other on the way to class or work. She's moving onto med school in the next few days, so her academic nightmare lives on for another 3 years. I can't say I envy her. The thought of more school right now is enough to make me puke...

After I chilled with Jen, I drove on over to another mall to meet up with some of my old Starbucks peeps to watch "X-Men 3" for a second time. It wasn't bad, especially since my ticket was paid for. (Thanks, Aimee! :-) ) I sure do miss chilling with them, now that I'm not longer an employee for the Green Empire. I had some fun times working for the 'Fucks, but it was time for me to move on. Like my mother kept on saying, "You didn't go to college to make coffee." I remember when we all used to work together this time last year, and we all kept on swearing that we'd get away from Starbucks and move onto other jobs. Well, a year later, it appears that I'm the only one that actually moved on. There's a funny dynamic about working in that place, because as much as we all hate it, we keep on coming back. I guess it's because we all have love for one another, and it's our friendships that keep us there. Still, there's only but so much that friendship aspect could keep me coming back when everything else was completely horrible. Yes, I miss them all, but I definitely do not miss any of the BS I went through while working there. Regardless of all that, it was good to relive it all yesterday with them, and I'm kinda sad that I'll be leaving them all for good as I move on in life.

Hopefully, I'll keep in contact with most of the people staying behind in Cuse, but we all know how that works.

Well, I've got to get to the darkroom again, and I should be running into a few more friends as I continue my "Farewell Tour" of Syracuse. So, until next time....


Blogger Robert said...

Good friends can make a blah job great. I had a job that I didn't particularly like but the people there made it fun.

As for the internet situation, why not pick up a cheap router. That way you can both hook up at the same time. This one is Wireless-G and is only $49 shipped.

11:38 AM  
Blogger djkibblesnbits said...

Well, it doesn't matter anymore because I'm no longer in the Syracuse dorms.

Besides, we're not allowed to set up wireless networks within the dorms. They shut down your signal if you try.

Trust me, if I could, I would've just brought my superior Airport Express router and been living in internet heaven.

11:48 AM  

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