Saturday, May 01, 2004

The Top 10 Most Played Songs of April 2004

Academically, this was one of the most difficult months I've had in a long time, replete with tons of assignments, exams, special classes, and the occasional hardass professors. I also got visits from friends across the Atlantic and across the English Channel, got into some girl trouble that I didn't know I had (unexplained story), ended school at Cuse for the year, headed to Paris, and even began my trip through Italy! What a month! Check out this month's soundtrack!

Body: 10) "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" performed by Coldplay, off the "A Rush of Blood to the Head" album. (new)

9) "Yeah" performed by Usher, off the "Confessions" album. (last month, unrated)

8) "Caught Up" performed by Usher, off the "Confessions" album. (new)

7) "Make You My Baby" performed by R. Kelly, off the "Loveland" album (new)

6) "Move Your Body" performed by Nina Sky, off the "Move Your Body" album (new)

5) "Pussy Pop" performed by Mystikal, off an upcoming, unreleased album (new)

4) "Bad Girl" performed by Usher, off the "Confessions" album (new)

3) "Tipsy" performed by J-Kwon, off his "Hood Hop" album (new)

2) "Destiny" performed by Zero 7, off their album, "Simple Things" (new)

1) "Everytime" performed by Britney Spears, off the album, "Into the Zone" (new)

Wow. What a coup. For the first time since the countdown began in December, John Mayer has been knocked completely out of the top 10. What is even more shocking is that Ms. Spears is actually holding down the #1 spot on one of my lists! I didn't think I would see this one coming. Alas however, the track, "Everytime" is a ballad that's easy on the ears, and good enough to launch one into a fit of daydreaming about the past, an escape that was very much needed during these times of distress, particularly later on in the month. Holding down the #2 is Zero 7's jam, "Destiny," a song that is probably, in the span of three years, the most played song of my entire music collection. It's one of those jams that you can listen to and zone off into another world, grabbing all kinds of inspiration throughout the crevices of your mind. It's awesome, and definitely a song that I needed to turn to this month.

Of course, we get to my man, J-Kwon's "Tipsy." That's what I needed to be this month. Usher was represented on the playlist real hard, grabbing 3 slots with songs off the Confessions album. And R. Kelly grabbed his usual spot for the month on this playlist. All in all, what a month.

Apple will be happy to hear that two out of these top-10 songs were purchased on the iTMS download service. See, I did my part to support artists. :-) Speaking of iTunes, Apple has just released a new version of the software. If you haven't downloaded it yet, check it out at . Take care all, and remember...

Don't Steal Music. :-)


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