Thursday, December 16, 2004

Lincoln Was Splitting More Than Just Logs...

Wow, I simply couldn't resist shaking my head when I saw this article creep up on the New York Times :

Abraham Lincoln Was Gay

The very symbol of the Republican Party is now having his sexuality questioned. I find that little tidbit too precious!

I'm sure this information will be discredited and swept under a rug by some Conservative commentators. But just think, all those people that voted for the "party that stands for values" and felt that upholding "the sanctity of marriage" was paramount, voted for a party that has a gay man as their symbol...

I'm sure some of them, if they can even read, will feel mighty CRUNCHY...if they don't do everything they can to look the other way...


Blogger Jose said...

::shrugs:: the republican party of old isn't the same one from now and you know this. neo republicans are suckas for trying to rep lincoln. anyways, this story resurfaces every 2 years whenever they have "nothing to write about."

11:49 PM  

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