Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Okay guys, seriously...

I can't wait to start blogging for REAL again...I'm tired of this college work crap. I swear, like I always say, "School gets in the way of your education."

A few more days of this, and then I am FREEEEEEEE!!!

...Okay, and for those guys waiting for me back in NYC, let me say this one time, and one time only...

I'm heading back to NYC this weekend...as for what day, now I'm not so sure...(I have to find someone to cover a last minute shift at the 'Fucks; they scheduled me for Sunday)

Hopefully, that should alleviate SOME of the phone calls I be getting in the middle of class...:-/

...I had another kickass presentation yesterday (The Audio blog entry from a few days ago mentioned the first presentation). This time, it was a 50-minute group presentation. Man, I'm telling you...I HATE Powerpoint. Seriously. I told my group members to send me all their slides for the presentation so I can put it together and make it all nice and modern-looking with Apple's Keynote presentation software. However, when I got those slides, oh my God, they were so horrible looking. They weren't even worthy of my 12-inch laptop screen. I was in a group with a bunch of 40-55 year olds (with the exception of another girl who was 23). who really didn't have a sense of modern presentation style. So, they gave me slides with that horrible looking "Mountain" background from Powerpoint, and riddled with spelling errors. Yesterday, instead of spending time at the library doing work for my other classes, I was forced to sit down on my computer all day and clean up my group's nasty presentation slides and make them more presentable in Keynote. It took me so long to perfect, that I came in an hour late to class. Now, most of the time, people in my major who work with me know to always count on me running late when it comes to presentations, and usually, they always forgive me because after three and a half years of being at this school, I've developed a reputation for being an excellent presentational speaker. But these group members had never worked with me before, so they were shitting bullets, praying to God that I would make it. When I finally got there, a few members were visibly upset; personally I could've given two shits because I had just spent the entire day fixing up their slides. So, whatever, I walk in right when it was our turn to speak, and I immediately set-up the presentation. I gave my group members hand-outs of the presentation so that way, they knew what was coming up as they were presenting. However, they really didn't take advantage of the hand-outs and the guides I had given them during their turns, so as a result, they wound up getting distracted by the Keynote transitions, and really didn't deliver as well as they thought they should. So, they got mad at me.

"It was too technical," they said.

Except for the 23-year old who absolutely loved it. "It was flat-out the best slide-show I've seen."

When I presented my part of the project, I was forced to play anchor and take that baby home for the group. After having five so-so presenters go up and talk about boring topics while distracted by their own slide show, it was due time for someone to come up and speak with confidence and engage with the audience, which is pretty much what I did.

And it worked.

Professor says: "The group gets an A. And Ray, I loved that slide-show. Don't worry what your group members said."

Because at the end of the day, only the professor's word counts.

...In a similar vein, I was just asked by one of my professors in my major to compete in a Public Speaking contest for 5,000 bucks...I just have to have a topic by this Friday...there's one catch...I have to finish MY work first!!!


Blogger Veronica said...

Heh heh! We were both thinking the same thing yesterday! "I am FREEEEEEEEEE!!!" :o)

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