Monday, December 06, 2004

Cuba: Spreading the Revolution to Medicine

Rarely is there an acknowledgement in American media over the kinds of positive global impacts that Cuba is having on the world. This article from Wired Magazine briefly details the rise of Cuban bio-technology, despite the American embargo.

(About Cuba's medical professionals) "They just don't get capitalism...they don't get it, and they don't want to get it. They still think there's something immoral about profit."

Which is the problem...these big pharmaceutical companies are so worried about the bottom line, that they forget why they exist in the first place: to cure people. Cuba, the country that supposedly has all these human right violations, is doing more to advance the health of their fellow man than the US Government has shown in recent years. It's sad, really.

You can check out the article here


Blogger Jose said...

it's the shit i expect from these drug mofokas. i mean, that's why it's so slow to get all these medicines. when they finally release the vaccine for HIV (which they've had since they first created it ;-)), we shall see just how expensive shit gets :-).

11:22 PM  

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