Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Real Numbers...

My man Jose recently published an entry on his Xanga page talking about how people are biting his style and straight up jacking his ideas for entries. Within his entry, he posted up a link to one of them online quizzes people take to determine what "number" they are. Of course, Jose, being the meng he is, got a "#1," and wondered aloud if anyone else could get #1...

...Well, let's just say great minds think alike...

In either case, i decided it was time to not celebrate the people who get #1's or #4's, but rather, it was time to celebrate those people that are sooo unique, they're not even on the scale...

You Are a Caca


You're a flat out piece of shit

...and you know it

You don't feel, you don't talk...hell, you don't even act

You expect other people to carry your load without second thought to their well-being

And like that I'm out. :-)

By the way...people can always go and copy style...but they can't copy talent...


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