Thursday, November 11, 2004

Crush of the Month (November)

The winner of this month doesn't belong to any one person or small group of individuals. Instead, it belongs to, quite possibly, the phenomenon of the month, If you have yet to jump on the Facebook bandwagon, basically, it's kinda like this online community of your peers from your college campus that can check out the names and profiles of the people that they go to class with. If they are your friends, you add them to your coveted "friends" list. Some people have turned this feature into a popularity contest. (Y'know "Oh, I have more friends than you," bullshit) But, still, it's a nifty way of catching with old friends that you've lost contact with in high school. People from other colleges can check to see if your name is on the Facebook network, and should you add them as a friend, they can check out your profile. Some people call this the "stalker" book, but quite frankly, it's just a simple, but great way of keeping touch with the people you've lost contact with, or you WANT to get in contact with. So, congratulations to for winning the coveted Crush of the Month title! :-)

Want to see if your college is on there? Check out And make sure you add me to your friends list. :-)

PS: Jessica, don't get all mad if you see this entry! Consider it a priviledge to be placed on the Musings. :-)


Blogger Veronica said...

Hey, where's your counter? Is it visible and I'm missing it?

3:53 PM  
Blogger djkibblesnbits said...

I have a hidden counter...I don't make it visible to the public, lol. I don't want people to realize how many times they've logged in! :-)

4:54 PM  
Blogger Jose said...

Facebook is the shit. It's also a great way to see the hot messes that people dress themselves up as on Halloween hahah

10:09 PM  
Blogger Sal said...

Hook Me up! Jessica is beautiful.... and Facebooks is cool too.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I wrote a fuck-off massive comment about how cool Europe sounded and is and deleted it (GRRRR!) but now its come up on my email? So I thought, meh, will post it again. Bit of a random comment but ah well,

Wow - I was all like "whay, visitors to Europe enjoying their time!" when I found a blog about it. And then you linked it one about London, which is a fucking A-class blog man! I live in the countryside (grrr, so very boring) nowhere near London but I go there inferquently and totally identify with what your said about it all. I'm guessing you liked it there, which is cool. I live about 45 minutes away from Bath though, and applied to universities near there actually which is cool. Anyways, I read like all the way from January 04 to June 04, all the Europe stuff. Fucking hilarious man! Like all the stuff about Italy, some of my family lives there, near Venice, and I've been to everywhere but Rome (and am wondering, hmm doesn't sound too great actually). And I was laffing my arse of about Amsterdam and the bus ride, its well easy to freeride on mainland Europe but if you get caught (bad experience in Venice last year) your bollocked. Which reminds me! English sayings, I thought that thing you said about 2 blokes (tsk, more english sayings) was funny. And the guy in the supermarket asking who you voted for. Don't be angry by that, its our weird way of showing we care about America by worrying about Bushs's freakish power. Pity he was re-elected, seems a bit stupid but hey, Blair is a twat as well (ooh and what you said about c*nt - dude, that word is like, hyper-bad to say, even in London which is "hard", so if you come back don't spout that to anyone too young or too old :S Lol. I felt sorry about the flat, London house prices are crazy :( but live in the country and their cheaper! (apart from Bath, which is again expensive). And the TATE modern is fucking amazing, amen with that, I've been there both times I've recently visited London.

Incidentally, when I linked my blog for Zero 7, one of my fave bands, yours came up somehow - Zero 7 are AMAZING! So good you like them. Go on my blog, I just got back from Belgium with my parents (arg. But my bruv (english word!) too, so all good (english saying!) and have written about it if you're planning on going there.

See yuz, Sam.

4:55 PM  

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