Thursday, November 04, 2004

Top 10 Most-Played Songs of October 2004

Wow...October was an action-packed month, in terms of school work. Sheesh. I barely had time to keep up with myself on the Musings. Nonetheless. I'm back, somewhat, to deliver the stories and thoughts that make up my life. ZuZu's b'day weekend (where practically everyone BUT me got ass), MorganFest 2004 (not exactly as poppin as it was last year), some drama here and there with new people, my first Cafe con Leche(wonderful event sponsored by La LUCHA at Syracuse that I was happy to have been a part of. Nuyorican poet Shaggy Flores is simply THE man...and he crashed on my couch!), a trip to Cornell that was to never be, and a quick Halloween outing as a Catholic Priest, all made up the major events of this month. Now without further ado, here are the songs that made up the soundtrack of my day to day life.

10. Lost Cause, by Beck, off of the "Sea Change" album. (NEW)

9. In the Waiting Line, performed by Zero 7, off of the "Simple Things" album (NEW)

8. Worn Me Down, by Rachel Yamagata, off of the "Happenstance" album (NEW)

7. Breath, Stretch, Shake by Mase, off of the "Welcome Back" album (NEW)

6. Hay Algo En Ti by Loony Tunes and Noriega, off the "Mas Flow" album (NEW)

5. Drive Me Crazy by Kevin Little, ft. Big Easy, off the "Last Drop" album (NEW)

4. We Gon' Make It by Jadakiss, off the "Kiss the Game" album (NEW)

3. Bounce It Right There by Sean Paul, off an untitled album. (NEW)

2. Suenos by Juanes, off of the "Mi Sangre" album. (NEW)

1.Mmmhmm by GrandanBob, off the "Waltzes for Weirdos" album (NEW)

Once again, this top-10 list is just completely reflective of my eccletic mix of musical tastes. The #1 song is a Euro-techno type song, and #2 is Spanish Rock. Go figure. Toss in a little Jadakiss and some Jazz, and you'll be alright. Much like I was all over the place this month, so was my playlist.

Probably the one song from this list that suits today's somber mood is "We Gon Make It." Makes you want to grab your crotch and fuck someone up. (Yes, even if you're a girl).

So, definitely give these songs a whirl. Take care. And remember...



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