Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Top-5 List of Girls to Make Out With

I'm holding off on publishing my "Values of Cockblocking" entry until I can spend some more time looking it over for editing issues and the like. In the meantime, I've decided to publish this somewhat controversial, somewhat "on the spot", blog just to whet your appetites for what's to come. Enjoy!

Feel free to call me on this, but I think that everyone has a list of people on their minds that, for whatever reason, they've always wanted to see what it would be like to simply kiss them. Best friends, other people's girlfriends/boyfriends, neighbors, classmates, and even family members (for those are into that kind of thing) have often been the subject of curiousity for many people. "What would it feel like if I just grabbed that person and made out with them?" Now, I'm not talking about crushes or secret loves; I'm talking about people that we have some semblance of a relationship with that we can see ourselves kissing, but not necessarily hook up with. In many cases, when we think about the possibility of a relationship with these people, we usually shake our heads and deny that anything could ever work with that person. Still, that doesn't slake the curiosity...

So, in the spirit of this train of thought, I've decided to publish an entry dedicated to the Top 5 Girls (that I actually know personally) I have always wondered what sharing a kiss with them would feel like. Like, if I just suddenly walked up to them and kissed them, would they kiss back? (barring sexual harrassment, of course) Do they shove their tongues down your throat, or are they afraid of their tongues escaping the inner sanctums of their mouths? Do they like kissing the upper or the lower lip? Are they slow or fast kissers? Eyes opened or closed?

If you find yourself on this list, don't be alarmed at all. In no way does it mean that I will go up to you and kiss you all of a sudden. And if you find your name on this list, don't assume that I have a crush on you or something. It's all about curiosity. And if I do kiss you, do me a favor and kiss back just that one time. It would suck if you left me hanging. :-) And finally, feel honoured (yes, British spelling) that I even chose you. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm not exactly just "anybody..." I have standards, believe it or not. My selecting you means that you are just interesting and intriguing enough for me to even consider you. You're not just putting it out there, y'know?

Now, without further ado, here is the list:

5) Girl from Speech Comm classes (don't know name)

Known from: Speech Comm classes at SU for the last two years.

Relationship status: Aquaintance

Crush? Not a full-blown one, but certainly a nice distraction during two years of boring SPC classes.

What makes them so interesting? : To be honest with you, I really don't know. There's something about the combination of her green eyes, blonde hair, petite build, and nice lips that has me wondering all about her. I really don't know her really well (shit, I don't even know her name!), but, shit, I figure she's been in my classes for the past two years, so it counts for something!

Likelihood of kissing them?: Slim to none. Unless of course we're placed together in some kind of group project and utilize the opportunity to become a bit more buddy-buddy with her. Not to mention, she seems like the type that would call the cops on me in a heartbeat if I ever kissed her suddenly.

Fun Fact : She was present during my little debacle illustrated in this blog. (Click here for actual entry)

4) Yosaira A.

Known from: Roommate of a good Speech Comm study buddy (Rosie) since I've known her

Relationship status: Friend

Crush? Not really, though she is a very lovely and attractive young lady. She did come close to winning my heart a few weeks ago, though, when she fed Pedro and I some food. Her stock definitely went up in my book after that moment. Kinda sucked though, when Pedro decided to get me involved in hiding her planner...not a good PR move. Still, she'll live. :-)

What makes them so interesting?: Seeing how she is, personality wise, I've always wondered if she would be the girl that would be among the most compatible with me from a kissing perspective. She seems to be one of those tender, soothing kissers that warms up into full-fledged passion after just the right tongue stroke...damn...I could write a romance novel just thinking about the possibility. Not too much tongue, not too much sucking, just nice even strokes that lead up to a blinding moment of sublime ecstasy. Even if she doesn't meet that description, I can't imagine that I'll go wrong either way should I kiss her.

Likelihood of kissing them?: Slim to moderate, solely based on the kinds of parties we attend. Whenever there's liquor involved, anything can happen. (That should be the Syracuse motto) I certainly wouldn't regret it, that's for sure. :-)

Fun Fact: She lives across the street from me.

3) Sarah N.

Known from: Lived on my floor during my freshman year experience in the dorms. Did not really talk to her until introduced through Chiyo at the end of my freshman year.

Relationship Status: Friend

Crush?: Not at all, considering that any kind of relationship past a friendship is so unthinkable at the moment, thanks to many factors, including the mutual respect for one another's exes, as well as certain incompatibility factors. The actual "crush" feeling is supposed to be a simple infatuation with getting with someone else, and considering how many doubts lie between us, there's no room for a crush. Just mutual support.

What makes them so interesting?: I boldly declared at the beginning of my sophomore year that Sarah was "one of the few white chicks I could see keeping up with my flirting" (to my girlfriend, no less). Fast forward two years later, and that declaration holds true. She's possibly one of the few girls, period, that has the sexual eloquence to be able keep up with anything I throw at her, rhetorically. And I imagine that inherent skill goes far beyond her spoken words. I imagine her to be one of those "tease" kissers, someone who gives you just enough of powerful smooch to make you yearn for more. Plus now, there's the added thrill of doing something particular naughty; kissing one of the assumed better friends of the ex. It's not an overt goal of mine to accomplish such an understated act of defiance against the ex, but, I can't ignore the fact that the feeling exists underneath the surface.

Likelihood of kissing them?: Moderate to High. One word. Liquor. And she's very susceptible to the stuff...I bet you if anything, she'll make the first move without exactly wanting to. I'm not counting on anything else beyond that in the least bit.

Fun Fact: She lives four houses down from me on the same block as me.

2) Michelle T.

Known from: Originally introduced to her fall of my freshman year through Lim, the first friend I made at Syracuse outside of my Brooklyn Tech people. She was her roommate.

Relationship status: "Best friend" at SU

Crush?: Uh...can you say, "sacriledge?" Seriously, there is no crush on my part towards her. I think I would kill her before I actually hooked up with her. We might call each other the "unofficial boyfriend/girlfriend" in all but the physical, but it's safe to say we won't dare venture beyond title anytime soon. We have too much fun as friends to get boggled down in the politics of a relationship. Plus, there's also the matter of attraction...but, I would argue both of us have done worse. A lot worse.

What makes them interesting?: I just KNOW that anyone who reads this entry is going to take my mention of Michelle the complete wrong way. I KNOW that some stupid ass out there is going to take what I say out of context and spin it so that way it makes it seem like I want to get with the girl or something like that. However, I couldn't omit her...I have to admit, I'm intrigued only by simple curiosity as to how she kisses. What techniques has she acquired over the years? Are we as compatible kissers as we are friends? When we approach our respective partners, do we utilize similar styles? This is completely a question of science...do birds of a feather really flock together? I KNOW there are readers out there screaming, "bullshit, you want to bag her," but seriously, it's me being real with myself and wondering aloud what makes her tick. Not to mention, if we ever did kiss, I'm sure both of us would be mad blunt with one another and be like, "bitch, you're wack! You ain't shit!", and then give pointers. I don't know anyone else who would do that, really.

Likelihood of kissing them?: Absolutely none. It's scary enough admitting this whole thing, let alone actually carrying it out. Plus, she's taken (ahem, used goods, ahem). Finally, we're both horribly afraid of the consequences of such an action. Little green men will invade from space before she and I even come close to kissing.

Fun Fact: Michelle and I spent 152 days with one another without doing shit. We did want to kill one another, instead. :-)

1)Carolina M.

Known from: From 1st freaking grade to 8th grade at Holy Name of Jesus school in Manhattan. I haven't seen her in close to eight years.

Relationship status: A VERY distant acquaintance. The only real connection we have is that we're both listed on Classmates.com, and I see her name probably once every three months.

Crush?: She was one of my first ever crushes in grade school. However, thanks to my assumed social status in grade school, I lacked the confidence to go after her, and she in return, ignored me. I always thought that she was above me, though in retrospect, knowing what I know now, I could've probably made her eat out of the palm of my hand. (As in, my brain, now, placed in an earlier version of me.) Nowadays, since it's been so long, that crush has long since faded.

What makes them so interesting? Well, even though I have no idea what she looks like now, the fact of the matter is that I would love to be able to run into her and see how she would react to me now, someone she used to never even have a second thought about during grade school. Will she still try and pull the same move? Or will she swoon and fall head over heels with "Ray, the Happy Latino?" I would love to get a chance to see how much people feel I've changed in 8 years, and she's one of the best people to scale me. Assuming that she's developed into a beautiful young woman, considering just how beautiful she was in grade school, she's one hot chica. My kissing her would me just fulfilling an early boyhood dream...and what a way to do it, eh?

Likelihood of kissing them?: Slim to none. Where the hell am I going to find her? She is like the Holy Grail of my pre-HS days. Doomed to be lost forever.

Fun Fact: I worked with her cousin for two years while I was in HS at a Day Care center. He tried to cockblock me unsuccessfully from getting with a girl he desperately wanted for himself. Why did he fail? Because he underestimated just how much I had changed from grade school, lol.


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Sounds like there's a lot of potential make-out connections in your school. Is there an equal number of opportunities for girls too?

DAMN, I knew I should have gone away for school!!!

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