Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Cheesy Bread Diet

It's not fun when your body is fighting a cold for almost a month.

Yes...I said it. A MONTH. Not a week. Not a few days. A freaking month. Some of ya'll might be wondering how the hell someone can suffer the symptoms of a cold for a month. It's quite simple, really. If you don't give your body the nutrients it needs to do battle with whatever illness comes over it, you will not be able to return back to normal in a decent span of time.

In my case, my body's energy supply has been provided courtesy of Dominoes Pizza's infamous "Cheesy Bread." That oh-so-cheesy breadstick goodness was my only source of food, practically this past month, along with pitas from Marshall Street eatery, El Saha, and a bunch of Empanadas from this Dominican restaurant called Las Delicias, which is like a block away from my house. Of course, I know that I shouldn't be eating out so much, but the fact of the matter is that my roommates and I have yet to be able to organize a meaningful trip to the supermarket that would restock our home with actual food. The lack of a car here in Cuse has completely hindered our progress in firmly establishing this home. Today, however, after so many days of constant take out, was different.

We went to the supermarket.

I completely went overboard with getting salads and fruits to supplement our bodies with the nutrients that we've been lacking over this extended period of time. And man, let me tell you, when I got home and I tore into a bowl of salad, never have I felt so buzzed and good off of eating food. I felt completely recharged and ready to go. It was as if I could feel all those nutrients zooming towards my head and repairing all the damage my deficient diet had caused on my body.

Definitely good times ahead, now that I have food in the house. Let's throw away that number for Dominoes...that is, until we run out of food the next time...:-)


Blogger Veronica said...

Mmmmm.... cheesy bread... aaaaauuuugh! (Insert Homer drooling here)

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