Thursday, September 23, 2004

Michael Moore Hits Up SU

As part of Syracuse University's Comedy Symposium program, (designed to bring about a wide variety of speakers to campus to get us thinking and laughing) the infamous producer and director of "Bowling for Columbine" and "Fahrenheit 9/11", Michael Moore paid a visit to a sold-out Carrier Dome (10,000 tickets were allotted, and were all gone within three days...only 1/4 of the Dome was used for the event.). Originally scheduled to come in mid-October, Moore bumped up his timetable to make room on his election touring schedule for Universities in swing states, and SU, in turn, was able to move the event to a larger venue to support the anticipated demand.

When he came on stage, he was a bit shocked at the sheer number of people who turned out...

"I've never done something like this inside of a football Dome before...SYRACUSE!!!"

For the next three hours, Moore delivered a complete blasting of the Bush Administration and highlighted its failures, and criticized both the Republican and Democratic parties for what he deemed, "their complete BS." Though achingly funny much of the way, Moore's rhetoric resonated profoundly among the audience when he stressed the need for college students to vote. Honestly, much of the speech was a rehash of facts we've seen or heard before, but nonetheless, it's great hearing them come from someone who has a natural knack of making politics comedic. Some highlights of his speech included jabs at the Republican Party for being on point with putting their agenda forward. ("They're [Republicans] are up at the crack of dawn trying to figure out 'which minority group we're going to keep from getting married today.' ") He also looked at the whole ambivalence of many Democrats for voting for Kerry. "Look, the important thing is beating Bush. Let's get him [Kerry] in office. Once he's there, then we beat the shit out of him!" He even gave us new mantras to live by during the next few months. "Bush and Kerry both suck, soooo...let's vote for John Kerry!" "Pick crack, pick crotch, pick nose, pick Kerry." He even compared Dubya to Ferris Bueller. "He's the guy that gets away with everything, while his sister that looks at him from a distance in sheer jealousy are Democrats. They're plain losers."

On the agenda for Michael Moore...

By far, the funniest moment of the night came when Moore was making fun of the Bush campaign's ads against Kerry, and determined that it was time that they take the next step and just destroy him politically. He showed a political ad that he felt should get a role in the Bush re-election campaign...

"They say that you're judged by the company you keep. Senator Kerry is close friends with Max Cleland, a soldier who fought alongside with John Kerry. During his time in Vietnam, Cleland lost an arm and both his legs. But, he still has his left arm. If he REALLY loved this country, shouldn't he have given up his last limb to save it? He's no hero. And neither is Kerry. Vote for Bush."

Classic shit, indeed.

Moore criticized Kerry for not telling voters, in his opinion, the things that would make people want to vote for him, and challenged him to come right at Bush and ask him the most fundamental question that needs to be made..."Where's Osama?"

Towards the end, Moore began taking questions from the audience, which were asked prior to the event via notecards. Some asked him why the nation was polarized the way it is. Others asked him different variations of why he's un-American and un-patriotic, allegations that have been thrown his way by the Republican party. Hell, they even asked him if he ever considered plastic surgery for his weight. Interesting stuff, right there.

Of course, the event did not go without some controversy. There were a select few on campus that were opposed to Michael Moore showing up, and they protested alongside the Dome, trying to get their view across that speaking against the Bush Administration is tantamount to treason. A bunch of local conservatives joined in, as well, as threw in their own two-cents. Of course, none of them had ever seen a Michael Moore documentary, but yet, they were opposed to the concept of his latest work being shown simply because of what they heard from conservatives within media.

A bunch of College Republicans and Townie Conservatives got together to protest Moore's presence at SU.

John Kerry supporters counter Conservative rumblings by grouping together to shout, "No More Bush!"

As Moore said, these Republicans get out early to stop Liberal agendas

Lookie here, more propaganda, courtesy of your local neighborhood Conservative.

These "patriots" even went as far as showing a good ol' fashioned lynching of what was supposed to be Michael Moore.

All in all, this was a great event. It was fun, funny, and a great opportunity that I'm happy I took advantage of.


Blogger Jose said...

Yeah man,

He's fire. When I saw him, he just went off on the media in front of their faces. People talk shit about how fat he is, but his weight is a way of destroying the myths of what political leaders should look like. That's my analysis, not from him. I also think that fits in with how he doesn't shave either, not even for the cover of Rolling Stone or Entertainment Weekly. Glad you all got to see him. Usually speakers use a lot of facts that most of us in the "liberal elite" (haha) know and use ourselves time and again, but it needs to be said. Alright, one.

11:14 AM  

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