Friday, September 10, 2004

Oh Yeah, I’m Here For School…

In the so-called “real world,” when people think of Labor Day Weekend, people think of it as just a nice, three-day weekend to relax and chill out, enjoying one of the last few weekends left with summer weather. But here in Cuse, Labor Day weekend equals a four-day party extravaganza, and certainly, this past weekend was no fucking exception. From Friday night, up until Monday, it was non-stop siesta time and people were more than willing to get their freak on. See, you got five groups of people when it comes to weekends like this; of course, you got the freshmen who are dying to get their first taste of college campus life, and then you got the others who are more than willing to take advantage of the aforementioned freshmen’s inexperience. (y’know, before they know better and gain the infamous “Freshman 15”). Further still, you got those upper classmen who SWEAR that they were the shit a few years ago when they really weren’t, and are trying to reclaim their past by going to parties and declaring that their “back” when they never even arrived in the first place. There’s also those people who go to parties just for the sake of going, and stand on the walls bitching about how “nothing’s changed” and if “you’ve been to one party, you’ve been to them all.” (they’re usually dating someone) And finally, you got the people who’ll fuck anything that walks. (usually members of the Greek system) If you find that you don’t fit any of these descriptions, chances are, you’re one of those people that would spend a weekend like this one going home or something completely productive, like doing homework, or cockblocking the shit out of people. (y’know, the wack people)

You can take a wild guess which group I’m a part of…I’m certainly not cockblocking…may I repeat that the freshmen this year are…wow…

So yeah, this past weekend I hit up a party every night. All in all, they were all pretty cool, except of course, for the one that got broken up by the Syracuse Police Department. (Never fucking mind that while they were too busy worrying about underage drinking, a whole shitload of people got robbed and stabbed n shit. Alas, that’s Syracuse) While the music wasn’t exactly pumping at all these parties, courtesy of my meng, DJ Push’n’Play, nonetheless, I made the most of the situation and just had fun. It’s an interesting feeling being a senior at these parties; you walk in, and everyone knows you, so you gotta spend ten minutes making your rounds, giving people pounds and kisses on the cheek. And then you have to strategically walk around avoiding the people you don’t like or would rather not talk to, lest you be drawn into the infamous fake convo, or an all-out brawl. Throughout this entire weekend, the feeling was slowly beginning to sink in that I’ll never have this kind of experience ever again after this year, giving me all the more reason to want to end it on a high note. The way I look at it, those people who spend their time bitching about how all parties are the same can kiss my ass, because they’ll be the same ones a few years from now complaining about how they miss living the college life, and secretly wish they appreciated the time they had while they were still there. Shit, I’m living it up now! Fuck leaving it till later.

More along the “people I don’t like” topic…this weekend I had an “Oh, Shit,” moment. At one of the fiestas, I was all hyped n shit to dance with everyone I possibly could. So, I would grab one girl, and then when the song was over, I would grab another. I really didn’t care who it was, and it also didn’t matter considering it was so dark that I really couldn’t see who I was dancing with. However, me and this one girl grabbed each other, and right before we started dancing, we both took a good look at one another, realized we didn’t like each other, and both let go at the same time, saying, “oh, shit.” And just like that, we moved on. It was classic stuff, right there.

Sunday afternoon, we had the opportunity to enjoy SU’s first annual “Juice Jam” event, which is basically an outdoor concert/festival thrown by the University. Along with some rock bands I really didn’t pay attention to (not because I wasn’t feeling them, but rather because I was too hyped in trying to meet other people), rap acts De La Soul and Method Man came through and represented. All in all, I had a blast. At some points, I was upset that despite the fact that the event was sold out, by the time Method Man came on stage, more than ¾’s of the people bounced. I guess it had more to do with the fact that the wrong people went to the event more than anything else. (AKA: Mostly lazy Long Island brats who can’t take an outdoor concert atmosphere) Despite the drop in attendance, Meth ripped it. Shit was hot.

Method Man ripping shit at Juice Jam

Triumphant after kicking SpED's ass

I actually did do something productive this weekend…I did a community service activity. LUCHA and Lambda Sigma Upsilon did a joint outreach initiative at a local elementary school in Syracuse, where we painted their playground to make it, well, “playable” again. And, we did it all exhausted from a previous night of partying. Some of us had hangovers n all, but nonetheless, we showed up, doing our thing. It was a great little way of “giving back” to our community. Thanks to LUCHA, I think I’ll be involved with a lot of these little community service events. It was great stuff, indeed. I even showed this little kid how to bat in stickball. :-) When he signs that big league contract in the future, he better give my ass a cut of that moola! “Yeah, I taught him everything he knows!” :-)

Getting on with the painting during community service

Even the kid did some work for his community...

So yeah, this weekend was freaking great…and tiring…I felt like I had just worked the entire time…partying is rough, man…it’s a hard job, this “having fun” business. I needed this whole week to recover…who the fuck cares about classes? It’s all about the partying!

…Well, for this past weekend, at least. It’s time to get serious and get back to school. :-)


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