Thursday, October 21, 2004

Batting 0 for...Fuck It...

Before I begin, I must say that this night must be one of the most horrible evenings I've gone through in a long time. First of all, my Yankees lose the ALCS to the Red Sux. It doesn't matter that the Sox will lose the World Series; that's besides the point. The fact of the matter is, that I would've loved nothing more than to shut up this annoying ass Sox fan base here in Cuse (and all those fucking bandwagon "Yankee haters"). Now, I have to live with their idiotic antics for the next few days until they get their little hearts broken when they're crushed by the Astros or the Cardinals.

Outside of that horrible travesty, I have to be subjected to yet another evening where my roommates are getting buns, and I'm not. For the first time during my college experience, I'm getting less action than my roommates. I go from getting complaints from Nelson about the number of "visitors" I had during my freshman year, to a drought that would make an African wince. (oooohh...low blow...) It's rather sad, really. Some of you may be wondering what's going on. In between their moaning, my roommates have said something to the effect of, "Ray, your standards are too high." What the hell is that supposed to mean? Just because I don't want to mess around with some girl who has fifteen teeth missing or looks like they've been hit with a car twice, does not mean I have high standards...alright, alright, I admit, I have standards in place, but can you blame me? Don't we all? At the end of the day, we all want to be with someone that we find attractive, we can connect with, has similar values, and will not fuck us over. In my case, I've been having problems finding people that match the last three qualities. Trust me, there are plenty of attractive girls here at Cuse, but for whatever reason, the ones that I actually have a connection with feel I can't make a connection with them. Go figure. For whatever reason, I'm not intellectual (dumb), connected (independent), good-looking (bad looking), white (black, Asian, Jewish, Latino, Dominican, mixed, etc), tall, thug, nice, Conservative (Liberal), muscular, poetic, reserved, or outgoing enough for these people. I really don't know why so many girls out here pidgeonhole me into so many different categories. I guess maybe they feel like they don't have the time to really get to know me, so instead, they just go forward with the first impression they have of me and run with it. I guess one can argue I do the same exact thing, though, so I guess it works out in the end, I guess. :-(

So in the meantime, my roommates will be moaning through all hours of the night, while i sit in my room trying to do work during these trying times. Grrr...

In recent weeks, I've been busy trying to get a news publication off the ground, La Voz, a news magazine dedicated to serving the SU community the Latino perspective on current events locally, as well as nationally. The concept of it received great buzz from all different kinds of people across campus, but as time came and went, it was diffficult trying to get the publication off the ground with a lack of assistance from non-existant staff. Eventually, with time passing, and school work catching up, it's been hard trying to stay on task with this publication. That's changing soon, though, and hopefully, I'll finally be able to get my issues out there and create enough of a buzz to get a real staff working on the publicatiion. See, I have some staff, but there's been a lack of support from some integral members, which I don't appreciate. To make a long story short, let's just say that when people talk behind my back, it makes for a very bad working relationship. So, we've had some unofficial infighting behind the scenes, which adds to the delays.

Man, all I wanted to do was to run a magazine, not babysit the bruised egos of certain individuals...

Drama...nothing in my life is complete without it. Sigh.

...Things with Apple are going great. I'm getting all kinds of great promotional products and I have the opportunity to play around with some of their cool devices. Like they gave me a Powerbook to keep, and I also have one of those iSight webcameras, which is an awesome thing to have. I've been responsible for the sales of a few iPods here and there, but nothing really huge yet. I'm looking forward to working with them a bit more so I can make more of an impact here. :-)

Two weekends ago, Anna came up to Cuse, during ZuZu's B'day festivities. I showed her around the town, took her places and hammered down the fact that being on a college campus is a whole lot different from staying in NYC for college. She got to see some of what makes SU tick. She didn't realize how integral Greek life was, for example, at a campus like Cuse. It was my impression that she liked what she saw, though I don't know how true that statement is. In a way, I have to say I guess she saw Cuse the same way I did when I first arrived. And she didn't even get a chance to party. We'll see what happens should she decide to come up again and party this time around. Then she'll really know what the Cuse is all about.

In the meantime...I know what the Cuse is all about, for me, at least.

DRAMA. Fucking Red Sox fans.


Blogger Veronica said...

I don't blame you for having the standards you have. To be honest, I feel everyone should set standards. You're right we do all want to be with someone that we find attractive, can connect with, with similar values, and will definitely not screw us over and unfortunately this can be very hard to find. And it really shouldn't be so difficult!!!

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