Sunday, December 05, 2004

The French Fed Up With the DaVinci Code

I saw this article on BBC News, and just started laughing.

French Tired of DaVinci Code

Yes, people...there's a reason why the DaVinci Code is in the "Fiction" section, as opposed to the "Non-Fiction..."

I loved the book, but I also understood that there were aspects of the story that spun actual fact with ficticious inference. Some people, just do not...

I think it's funny that the writer of the article insinuates that only Americans enjoy this book...which, if the British author had even dared to look around all over Britain, she would see that the British are just as enamored with the book as we I guess the British are "seeking a spiritual side to life, especially those who do not have much historical knowledge or culture on which to base their beliefs."

Yes, we Americans are silly...but don't think your people are flawless either, mate. :-p


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