Sunday, December 05, 2004

Top 10 Most-Played Songs of November 2004

It's that time of the month again...November was one of those, "damn, what the fuck ELSE can happen" months. First, we had the re-election (or first election, depending on your view) of a peanuthead for a President, my 21st birthday, my first car accident that wasn't even my fault, Turkey Day, and a shitload of work thrown upon me by my teachers. I'm sure there are other things that I'm forgetting...this sure seemed like a long month, even though it passed by so quickly. Anyways, without further ado, here are my top-10 Most-Played Songs of the Month:

10. In the Waiting Line, performed by Zero 7, off of the "Simple Things" album. (last month, #9)

9. Letter Read, by Rachel Yamagata, off of the "Happenstance" album. (NEW)

8. Don't Panic by Coldplay, off of the "Parachutes" album (NEW)

7. Lost Cause by Beck, off of the "Sea Change" album (last month, #10)

6. Melina played by El Gordito, off of the "Melina" album (NEW)

5. Suenos by Juanes, off of the "Mi Sangre" album (last month, #2)

4. We Gon' Make It by Jadakiss, off of the "Kiss the Game" album. (unchanged)

3. Bounce It Right There by Sean Paul, off of the "Blackout Riddim Mixxtape." (NEW)

2. Mmmnnnn by GrandandBob, off of the "Waltzes for Weirdos" album (last month, #1)

1. Seven Years by Norah Jones, off of the "Come Away With Me" album. (NEW)

This month, I found myself popping in a lot of slower music, overall, just to kinda get myself in the "I have to do school work" mode, and one of those sterling albums I found myself turning back to over and over again was Norah Jones' sterling debut album from a few years ago, "Come Away With Me." The track, "Seven Years" just has this whole nostalgic mood setting tone that I found myself utilizing to remain focused on my work. It's a short track (only about 2 minutes long), but was nonetheless the gem that I used to initiate my "Okay, I MUST do work" sessions.

As for the other songs on the top-10, surprisingly, 5 songs remained from last month's top-10. Either I REALLY liked those songs, or October and November kinda blended into one huge super-month (which is kinda how it felt, in retrospect). Three of last month's top 5 present this time around. "Bounce It Right There," an underground song from Sean Paul, was a cool track I would turn to whenever I felt the need to stroll around in my PJ's as I got ready to head to class. "Melina" is this bachata track I've had for a long time that finally made its way into the's one of those, "I wanna kill myself because she doesn't love me!" bachatas. (And for those of ya'll that DON'T know what a bachata is...think of it as Dominican R&B music, with guitar and a guira (AKA: the cheesegrater instrument). I don't really know why I played that song this month... (I blame it on iTunes)

Three of this month's top-10 came from the iTunes Music Store (now available across the E.U. and Canada.) I'm happy now that Apple decided to beef up their Latino music section on the American iTMS store after repeated pressure. There are still a lot of gems missing, and many times, it seems as if the only Latino people Apple seems to recognize are Mexican, but, for the most part, they are trying. They actually got more salsa artists on there OUTSIDE of Marc Anthony.

And that's a rap for this happy listening, and always remember...

"DON'T STEAL MUSIC." :-) ("borrow it", instead.)


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