Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Official Christmas Wish List of 2004

In response to the day I learned my lesson when it came to telling people what I want for special occasions when asked, I have decided to publish my Christmas Wish List for this year so that way there's no confusion for anyone deciding to be nice enough to get me a gift. Now of course, I don't actually EXPECT gifts from people, but I do understand that, well, people do these kinds of things, and so, I feel like, "hey, I might as well get something I like," right? After all, there aren't too many things that are worse than giving someone a gift, only to have that person not like it because it doesn't suit them. As a gift-giver, you want to feel complete and feel as if you actually made a difference in that person's life. So, here's my way of helping you people out by publishing my own Wish List! That way, you feel really good knowing that you got something that I wanted! :-)

NOTE: These gifts haven't been published in any kind of order. I pretty much just listed them as I went along.

1. iTunes Gift Certificates : Nothing like giving the gift of LEGAL downloaded music. You can buy a digital gift certificate on the iTunes Music Store, or an actual physical certificate from your nearby Apple Store. :-)

iTunes Gift Certificate
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And just in e-mail address is

2. iPod Socks : I've been going bananas over these fruity looking "socks" for my iPod since CEO Steve Jobs announced them a couple of months ago.

iPod Socks!
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These things serve as cases for the iPod, and keep them warm during the rough times...(like winter in Syracuse) I'll prolly only use like one or two of the colors, but still, they're pretty cool, and a great stocking stuffer!

3. The iMac G5 (20-inch, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB HD, Superdrive, Bluetooth option, Airport Extreme Card) : Yes, you all know my Crush of the Month for December HAD to make it here. :-)

4. DVD's up the wazoo: As some of ya'll may know, I'm an avid collector of DVD's, but recently, I really haven't dedicated as much time as normal to this "collecting" thing, so on my wish list for DVD's include The Indiana Jones Trilogy, Lord of the Rings Extented Edition DVD Trilogy (the one w/ 12-discs), Spider-Man 2, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (the unrated version...), and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

5. Playstation 2: Yes, I'm one of those few people who DOESN'T own the PS2. And with good reason. However, I love playing my Final Fantasy games, and unfortunately, Final Fantasy is only available on the Sony system. (Bonus goes to anyone who gets Final Fantasy X...)

6 X-Box: Gasp! Can it be?! The Apple guy has a MICROSOFT product on his wish list? I can't front on this gaming box anymore. It's the shit. The graphics are tight, a lot of the games are awesome, and that online gaming aspect is killa. What won me over to the X-Box was Ninja Gaiden...aww man, that game is fucking awesome! (Michelle had to stand around in a Blockbuster in London while I actively climed walls and sliced people down with blades n shit) And I haven't even mentioned Halo 2...

Ninja Gaiden screenshot
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7. Even more games... (I'm sitting here WISHING for this shit when I don't even have TIME to game...aww well...) Donkey Konga, Metroid: Echoes , and Paper Mario 2.

8. A cool Air Hockey table: So I can whup Michelle's ass EVERYDAY! :-) (Though not the kiddie size ones...I mean the REAL thing...)

9. An electric guitar: So I can finally record my musical compositions on my Mac. :-) (Gotta love Garageband)

10. My infamous North Face Booty Pack : I miss that thing so much...fucking people in London...

And finally...

11. A Simple Phone Call/E-mail/Card: Because at the end of the day, it truly is the "thought that counts." :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's the problem, babe. how do we know what each person got you? if i, for instance, decide to get you the lord of the rings trilogy (don't hold your breath) but michele gets you the same thing. there you are with 2 lord of the rings trilogies. so sad. -Anna

8:31 PM  
Blogger Jose said...

Dude, for Christmas, u ain't even request ass. Do I see signs of maturity ... oh right. You want that ALL the time. I hear you, man. Later.

2:51 AM  
Blogger djkibblesnbits said...

Anna: Good point...I guess that's what return receipts are for...(shrug)...I'm sure no one reading this entry is actually going to GET me anything, so it's not even an issue, quite frankly, lol

Jose: Nah, I didn't ask for ass because that should be something that I should have EVERY day, not just one day out the freaking year. That shit is wack, yo. :-)

Besides, I'm sorry, but if I had to choose between getting ass on X-mas and getting the brand new iMac, I think the iMac is worth a bit more, don't ya think? :-) (Especially since apparently, ass is about even with an order of chicken McNuggets. (Check out for more details, lol)

10:34 PM  

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