Thursday, July 28, 2005

Two-Steppin' to Dave Matthews

It was only recently that I had my live concert cherry popped when I went to go see the band, Incubus, live, in Rochester, NY. (As briefly mentioned in this old November entry.) Last week, or so, Patty called me up and asked me if I wanted to come through with her to see the Dave Matthews Band at Six Flags Darien Lake on July 27th. Now, even though I wasn't exactly the biggest DMB fan out there (I liked a couple of their songs, and was feeling the new album that they put out recently, "Stand Up"), I said yes, because, hey, I figured it would be cool to see what the big deal about DMB was. I had always heard that they were one of the best live performing bands out there, so whatever, off I went to Six Flags with Patty, for the second time in a week...

OH MY was freaking awesome. The concert exceeded all my expectations and then some. It was simply awesome. The capacity crowd at the place was sizzling with this electricity that I've only seen at sporting venues, and you could tell that Dave and Co. were feeling that energy and putting it into their performance. I had so much fun just "discovering" (Columbus-style, lol) this band as they ripped through songs that they had released prior to their "Busted Stuff" album.

So now, here I am, 24 hours later, frantically trying to get a hold of some Dave Matthews and adding it to my burgeoning music collection... can you say, "BitTorrent?" :-)

(Still...DON'T STEAL MUSIC...unless, of course, it's not available on the iTunes Music Store, lol)


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