Saturday, June 03, 2006

Everything But Skeletons in the Closet

When I was moving out of Syracuse, I had to go through 5 years worth of stuff that I had collected over the years and throw away some of the stuff that I no longer needed. Not only did I lessen the load of stuff I would be taking back home, but I also had the opportunity to take a small trip through time as I re-discovered old books, clothes, love letters, greeting cards, and pictures that I've stored since 2001. It was certainly a small trip through my college years as I was able to relive my the experience over again while packing my stuff away.

Now that I'm back home, I have to do the same thing all over again as I try to make room for all the stuff I brought back from college. Except this time, instead of going through stuff I haven't seen since the beginning of college, I'm finding stuff that I haven't seen for over a decade. Thus far, I've gone through half my closet, for example, and I've found old toys that I haven't played with since I was 12, old parents' letters from grade school, old school uniforms, ancient HW assignments, decade-old clothes, my Nerf weapon collection, award trophies, pictures and even my old "Robin" Halloween costume from when I was 6-years old. In many cases, I forgot that I even ever had any of those things, so thus far, it's been a crazy trip through time and memories for me, and I'm not even half done.

Among those things, I found an old hoodie that my ex left behind, along with a dollar and some change, during one of the times that we traveled to New York together about three years ago. I'm torn over whether or not I should throw it away. Hell, I'm torn over whether or not I should throw a lot of the stuff away that I've found. But don't think I'm a packrat or anything; I've already filled four garbage bags with old clothes and things I don't need, and I haven't even gone through half of my closet. It's just that a lot of this stuff has sentimental value!

It's definitely going to be interesting going through the rest of that closet. I wonder what else I'll find?


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