Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Ungrateful (a little poem)

Grasping for air,
searching for hope,
you sought guidance,
for pain you could not cope.

Answers were given,
a shoulder laid bare,
a heart wide open,
For I, was there.

Held you in my arms
Your tears I did wipe,
I made space on my bed
In case you felt alone at night

Your pain was mine to bear
your struggle made me lose sleep
Like a rock wedged between the tides,
I held my breath and dug beneath

It was a momentary sneeze,
a piece of tissue served its purpose
You through me away
Wet with snot, while you rose to the surface

You write the memories of your mind
on paper with no lines, and a pen with no ink
It wasn't all that bad, was it?
Or so, you start to think.

You tell me its your life
filled with decisions you have to make
The saddest part of all
You forgot the role I had to take

In the trash can I sit
Once a great option when times were tough,
My words were too truthful,
And my shoulder not comforting enough

I hear the whispers,
And I see the sneaky asides
All you're beginning to tell me
Is that I have no role in your life.

"Replaced" is too strong of a word
You would think that I held sway in your mind
I realize now that I taken for granted,
The word "ungrateful" is, in a way, a word that's too kind.


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