Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Blog Etiquette Rule #3

Yet another addition to my "Etiquette" series. If you missed the first two, click here to catch up.

Rule #3: Don't assume that you can remain "anonymous" on the web when you post blogs, especially if you're talking about people that know you.

For years, people have been talking about the arrival of the "Digital Age," where all kinds of information is available just by logging into a computer and pressing a couple of keys into a search engine, and POOF, it's all right in front of you. Sure, we all take this for granted when we log onto Google, searching for some random dick to plagiarize for our next paper or something. ( DISCLAIMER: I am not condoning or acknowledging the partaking of such action on the Internet. Perform at your own discretion.) ) Need to get a good quote out of a particular movie? Type "Snatch" "Bulletproof Tony" and "quote" in Google to get your target, for example. It's really simple stuff that we do ALL the time.

So, what makes people think that the stuff they put in their blogs isn't just as searchable? Thought you could talk shit about that person sitting next to you in class, and that they would never find out? Think again. Crying your heart out to the web about the ups and downs of your relationship with your significant other, thinking that you'd reach everyone BUT that particular person? Yeah right. Just as there's is plenty of information on the web available to people about politics, there's probably a shitload of information out there on you, just a Google search away. And just as likely that you're able to find out information that people have posted about you, the same applies to the people that you talk about within your own blogs.

Don't believe me? Say someone knows me and they know that I'm cool with Zulay and that I went out with Chiyo. Type in "Zulay", and "Chiyo" into Google, and what do you get? Access to my blog! They're just a few clicks away from seeing if I ever talked about them in my blogs. (Good luck reading through all of them, though. LOL)

So, keep that in mind as you prepare to write about a certain person. Your feelings about them are just a search engine away from being known to them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

fortunately for my ass, i'll never have the need to post all that on my site. i could give 2 shits. please, search for me. i'll even leave the link from so people can search for my ass. ::shrugs::. it's all good haha.

1:27 AM  
Blogger djkibblesnbits said...

In response to Jose's comment: LOL.

Shit, neither of us give a fuck. When we post our blogs, we really don't care about repercussions. We spit the fire for a reason, LOL. So, for those people that take offense...

"Suck my left nut."

"Ray, I didn't like what you said in your blog about me."
"Too fucking bad. Everyone else on the internet did."


1:57 AM  

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