Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Top Most-Played Songs of June 2004

Looking back, June was a month that was filled with transition, the most obvious change being my return to the States from London. I went from taking the Tube and working at IQA, to eating slices of pizza and taking advantage of a subway system that refuses to close at midnight. :-) Or, instead of drunkedly stumbling around the streets of London, I was drunkedly stumbling around the streets of NYC. Okay, maybe there wasn't THAT much of a difference in some regards, but certainly, my listening habits changed. I boycotted John Mayer and Norah Jones. Goodbye, Usher, I said to myself. I scoured my iPod, looking for something new to listen to, or just anything that I could knock someone up against the wall with and go buckwild. So without further ado, here's my top-10 for this month.

10. "Secret" by Maroon 5, off of their "Songs About Jane" album. (last month, #8)

9. "Cold Hard Bitch" by Jet, off of the "Get Born" album (new)

8. "Run" by Snow Patrol, off of the "Final Straw" album. (new)

7. "James" by Josh Rouse, off of the "1972" album. (new)

6. "Muevete y Perrea" by Daddy Yankee, off of the "El" album (new)

5. "Lean Back" by Terror Squad, off of the "Fucking Bitches Up Mixxtape." (new)

4. "Girl Act Right" by Eamon, off of the "I Don't Want You Back" album (new)

3. "Dembo" by Wisin y Llandel, off the "A Otro Nivel" album (new)

2. "Are You Going to Be My Girl" by Jet, off of the "Get Born" album (new)

1. "En La Cama" by Nicky Jam y Daddy Yankee, off of the "Haciendo Escante" album (new)

Once again, it was a mix of everything this month. EXCEPT for sappy love songs. Fuck that shit. :-) Only one hold over from last month, Maroon 5's "Secret" survived the cut. While I was in England, I really got into some rock bands that have become huge out there (bigger than they are here), such as English band, Snow Patrol, with their main tune, "Run," or the Australian band, Jet, a group reminiscent of 70's rock bands of yesteryear. Terror Squad's "Lean Back," a tune I first heard in London in April, peaked this month, adding a mix of sounds to my top-10.

Gis and Mish should recognize the #6 tune of the month. :-) I kept listening to it to remind me of you guys. WOOOHOOHOOO!!!

Hell, even Eamon's "Ho-wop" sound made it into my top-10. Though the song is hilarious, don't expect it to be in this top-10 list ever again.

...5 songs from my top-10 came from iTMS, FYI...

...Oh, and before I forget, please take note that everytime that I put the phrase "new" next to my song, that means that the song itself is new to my top-10, not to my music library, nor to my ears. It doesn't mean that I think a certain track just came out or something. I'm pretty sure most of you understood that distinction, but I know there are a few dense holdouts out there...:-)

Aight? Take care, ya'll. Keep listening to music. Oh...and don't forget...


EDIT: It figures that when Michelle and I leave London, a new nightclub opens called, "Playlist," where anyone can bring in an iPod, and plug it in for fifteen minutes to provide music. Shit, with some of the songs we kept on hearing in London nightclubs, the shit we were playing around the flat was better than the shit in the clubs! Want more info on the club itself? Check out to see what I mean...bloody hell...


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