Monday, June 21, 2004

Hello Big Cars and New York...

Surprisingly, I haven’t been hit by a car yet.

I’m back in NYC, and slowly, I’m getting readjusted to life in America. Cars are bigger, streets are wider, and people are ignorant as fuck. Still, it is a place I call home, and despite my wonderful experience out in the UK, nothing can beat that sentimental feeling of being home.

My flight back home was alright. Watched a couple of movies, got to read a little bit, and chatted up some girl from Rochester. This little bastard kid kept on crying every once in a while, but, it wasn’t anything a little parental discipline couldn’t handle. (Discipline, as in, you talk mad loudly about how “annoying” the kid is, forcing the parents, embarrassed, to take desperate measures against the offending pest. AKA: Ass-whuppin)

My momma and her new boyfriend picked me up at JFK, along with ZuZu, which was pretty cool. She spent the night at my apartment, as we caught up on the events in each other’s lives from over the past six months. It was great chattin her up, and just chillin with her again reminded me of just why she’s one of the best friends I have. J

So what have I been doing the past couple of days? Well, I’ve been trying to sleep, schedule meeting times with friends, and eatin good food. Oh yeah, baby, that’s the life. That life is going to stop pretty soon, though; I have to get that coveted J-O-B. Wish me luck on that shit.

I’m still stuck on a few things from England, such as logging into the BBC News website, hoping to get a great look at the events of the world from a British point of view, or checking out the results of the Euro 2004 football tournament, particularly seeing if England could rebound from its heartbreaking loss to France in the opening game of the tourney. I don’t think I’ll lose those habits, which is good, in a way.

Speaking of the BBC, I found this article about the National Archives uncovering a letter from a 12-year old Fidel Castro to President Roosevelt, asking him for a $10 bill. Ain’t that some shit? If you haven’t heard this story, check out this link:

…I’m getting back on an airplane next week. I’m heading down to Houston to see my family down there, specifically, my grandfather, who suffered a stroke last month. While I wish for the best, I fear that my window of time to see him alive is closing. It’s going to be a sad day, to say the least, when he passes away. I look forward to seeing him while I still have the chance.

And, unfortunately, on that note, I head out. I have to get on the ball with looking for a job…



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