Monday, June 07, 2004

Blog Etiquette Rule #1

With each passing day, scores of people decide that they want to air their ideas, opinions, and stories, and put them on the web in the form of a blog. And while, it's cool that people are going through with this whole movement of getting their ideas out there, someone needs to stop and draw a line in the sand and let people know the rules about blogging. And, so, this is where I stand. One rule at a time, I will let people know exactly what it is they must do to ensure that their blogging experiences will run smoothly, and benefit everyone involved (read: both the reader and the writer). They're simple rules, nothing complicated, but certainly, they are needed, as evidenced from the crap I have seen on blogs from the past couple of days. And this first rule is the most important one.

Rule #1: If you cannot take criticism over the entries you post, do not publish them on the internet.

Makes sense, right? If you decide you want to publicly air your thoughts out to the massive worldwide internet population (or at least, the ones that can speak the same language you have written in), make sure you're doing it with knowledge of the fact that, just as there might be people who like and appreciate what you have to say, there will be people who will not worship the ground you walk on. So, be prepared for criticism. And if you don't like the criticism, then shut down your blog, immediately. There's a lot of give and take when it comes to blogs, and it's very important for other people to have an equal voice on the issues you bring up. Just like you want to make your ideas known, there are plenty of other people who want to make their ideas known about your published entries. So, if you're not going to participate in friendly dialogue, then don't have a blog. Period.

(I would give a link to what I mean, but, that person has since taken their blog down. Good.)

To add to the rule...let's say someone does say something about your entry that you feel you must publish a rebuttal...if you're going to publish a counter-argument, make sure that along with your response, you publish the criticism, one right after the other. For example, in this entry from Jose's blog, I commented on his statement, and he responded to it at the end of the main body of his entry, in an apparent re-edit of his blog. So, to other readers, it looks like he's dismissing my comment before they can even read what I have to say. (If you want to see my comment, scroll all the way down to the big entry, signed by djkibblesnbits) In this situation, if you feel the need to respond within the main body of the entry to a comment, just copy and paste the comment, and then place your response right afterward, thus ensuring that a proper rebuttal has been issued for all to see, and a real dialogue can begin.

Make sense? Cool.

By the way, Jose, I think you took my comment the wrong way...oh, and I'm not picking on you, but you're just the best example of what I mean, with you and your Xanga groupies. :-D

More rules to come the minute I can get another example...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't think I had Xanga groupies, but maybe if I was in your shoes, I'd see that too haha. I'm honored to have been part of your blog this many times. I must say haha. Trust, when the gay marriage thing came up, everyone was up in arms and shit. All them holy worshippers wanted to burn me at the stake. That's probably why they come back, because they either love how open my comments are on any level or they hate me and want to see what they can shoot me down for haha. I know it. Yeah it is kinda crazy.

As for the proper etiquette, some people actually prefer having it done that way. Not only did it explicitly say "Nice comment Ray (read: You've already commented and this is a response", but I also put it in my entry because usually only the person who it's addressed to cares about the edit ... unless it's you :-P haha. Peace out. See you ... sometime soon maybe? haha.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truth is a blog is out there for all to see and yeah you do ahve to be able to put up with the comments people put on the same time if something is misinterpreted or misunderstood, that person needs the chance to try to defend themselves or clear the matter up..there is no real etiquette regarding blogs, it's more of an unwritten code of decency to respect one anothers opinions and thoughts cause when it all boils down a blog is a diary..a place to express yourself..on this instance I have to call it a draw..noone was in the right this time

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crap I did it again!!! That was Sam again..the second one not the

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gotta disagree with sam. as a recent surfer of the xanga entries, i find that there are some people who should NOT be on xanga at all, so yea, xanga etiquette is definitly necessary.

10:48 AM  

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