Thursday, June 10, 2004

Apple: Making South Campus The "Party Hotspot"

It's been awhile since I've gotten on my "gotta have Apple" bullhorn, especially after my iBook began having its fit of problems when I first arrived in London in January, but, after hearing news of the release of Apple's latest product, I can't help but get a tad bit excited. So, what is it that got my brain working? It's not another computer, operating system, or even an iPod-like product. Instead, it's a brand new product called the "Airport Express." It's a relatively simple release, but one that holds so much promise for anyone who wants to throw one of the best houseparties in years for a small amount of money. The basic premise is this; the Airport Express is a wireless networking hub. (which means that it can take your standard broadband internet connection, and broadcast that signal to any computer that can access the internet wirelessly. Result: Computers that can connect to the internet without wires running all over the place.) Along with allowing remote internet access, the thing also has a USB slot in it, therefore making it possible to get any old printer with a USB connector, and attaching it to the network. So, you can print to that old Epson inkjet printer from anywhere in your house, without having your computer connected to it. Now, these two features aren't anything out of the ordinary for people who are initiated to the whole wireless internet world. Really, thus far, of the features I've mentioned, the only thing unique about the Airport Express is that the hub is incredibly small, making it easy to transport in your pocket, if you wanted to.

But, I haven't mentioned the cool feature; it has a stereo-out jack, meaning that you can connect any set of speakers to this thing...

So what does that mean? Well, using your PC or Mac, you can use iTunes, set a playlist, have your computer broadcast the signal by pressing one button on the iTunes program, and, BLAM, you can have your music play from your computer in one room, and broadcast it to speakers in another room, without having nasty wires running everywhere. With iTunes, all you've got to do is set the hot playlist that will last you a four-hour period for a party, press Play, press Broadcast, and your music will be thumping in a completely different area of the house. No more lugging DJ equipment, or lugging your computer with the wack speakers to your party area of choice.

Still don't see the picture? Aight, for everyone at Cuse, remember how South Campus parties are...either the kitchen has to be dominated by stereo equipment, therefore limiting the amount of space needed to serve drinks, or someone has to be brave enough to place their laptop or PC in a precarious position where anyone can touch it, in the living room. (Either that, or a shitload of wires are needed to connect the computer, located upstairs in one of the rooms, and the speaker downstairs) With the Airport set-up, you can free the kitchen of a DJ, or keep your computer upstairs in the room, set up that playlist, lock the room door, and go about your business downstairs, with the music thumping right there. Result? The ill-mutha fucking party, with mega space, and, the best part, one less thing to worry about for the person hosting the party.

Ain't it the shit? :-)

The product costs $129, and is well worth the cost, in my opinion.

ZuZu and Justine: This product is a fucking MUST for our place. We getting it. No questions asked, aight?

Morgan, Pedro, and SpED: You know this is what we've been asking for. Cop this shit, son.

So yeah. That's my rant. Suddenly, going back to Cuse doesn't look so bad now...:-D

Oh, and if you don't have iTunes, at the very least, get with the program. It's free. And it's, flat-out, the shit.


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hahahaha .... i'll be saving up more i guess :-p

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