Saturday, December 18, 2004

Heading On Home...

...I'm leaving for NYC this Sunday, so I can get to chill with peeps n whatnot...get me out of the frozen tundra known as Syracuse, please! I'm renting another car to get me down there. We'll see if another person is going to hit me and tell me to "Pay now!"

...In a surprise development, I'm heading to Houston for New Years. I get to see the fam again and chill with the Chicano part of it. I also get to see Abuelo again, hopefully. It should be cool. This will be my first time in Houston during New Years. Normally, people try to go to NYC for New Years, not GET AWAY from it, but who said I was following everyone else?

Speaking of traveling... tickets to London are ridiculously low from NYC...shiiittt...take me out there!!! (I have no idea how I can survive out there now that the dollar is even weaker than it was then I was there...I guess I'd have to have a repeat of the A Poetic Appeal for Money blog.)

I finally saw that movie, "A Day Without a Mexican." It was aight. It was a satire that certainly wore out its message after the first 30 minutes. Nonetheless, it was a decent movie. Nothing worthy of buying outright, but nonetheless, decent.

And I'm out on this short entry. I can't wait to be done with school work so I can finally do what I've been wanting to do to the Musings for a long time...UPDATE it! :-)


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