Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Crush of the Month (July 2005)

Man, for the past month or so, I've been literally OBSESSED with my latest "crush of the month," and boy, is she a doozy. With a V-8 engine, 300 horsepower, 315 lbs of torque/ft, rear wheel drive, and an awesome frame, the 2005 Mustang GT brings back the "muscle" in the phrase, "America's Muscle Car." The minute your turn one on, you literally hear and feel this awesome machine growl to life. It's enough to make any old-timer Mustang fan to cry tears of happiness.

Boy, is she a beauty. And I'm not talking about the woman in the car.

For years, Ford had been making a complete joke out of the once almighty Mustang. Since it's initial debut in the late 60's, the Mustang held the title of "America's Muscle Car" and sold millons upon millions of cars. However, when the gas shortages of the late 70's came into play, the muscle cars that were the bread and butter of the automobile industry at that time were forced into becoming overgrown golf carts, including the Mustang. Engines became smaller in the name of conserving gas, and soon, America's automobile industry suffered as a result. After a few years, it soon became apparent that the era of huge, throaty, 200+ horsepower engines was no more. Sales dropped, and automobile manufacturers dropped line after line of muscle cars in order to compete with the Japanese giants that were making their way onto American driveways. The Mustang continued on as a line, but it would never regain late 60's, early 70's heyday; as a matter of fact, people only continued to buy Mustangs because of the strong brand name associated with it. It had nothing to do with the horrible performance of these cars on the road.

Then, suddenly, something happened at Ford. Looking to capitalize on the whole, "Retro" styling movement that was taking the American auto industry by storm, Ford decided that it was going to redesign the Mustang to not only reflect the look of the golden-era Mustangs, but also, to match and even SURPASS them, performance-wise. And, true to the Mustang model, Ford was going to make this car a complete bargain, considering what was underneath the hood. The result? The 2005 Mustang GT.

And boy, do I want one. I'm sure my insurance payments would be through the roof, but I mean, good lord. I would be straight PIMPING in this car.

The Ford Mustang GT: One of the few American cars I would buy, and this month's official, "Crush of the Month." :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, remember back in the day when ray's crush of the month was a PERSON... -Anna

6:08 PM  
Blogger djkibblesnbits said...

Back in the day...meaning...LAST MONTH!?

That's what happens when you don't read the Musings too often. :-)

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, i read the musings all the time. but who can keep straight when one month you have a computer, another a digital toy and now a car. do you have such unbelievably high standards that you can't find ONE girl every month to satisfy your eye candy cravings? -Anna

10:11 PM  
Blogger Freebird said...

In high school my dream car was a 66 Mustang. I won't tell you what I actually drove though, but I will tell you this, it was called "The Love Boat" and not because of the action it saw, but caues that damn thing was HUGE!

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So tragic:( I thought I was your crush of the month... Here now, about to fizzle... Almond Joy

4:11 AM  

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