Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Finds From My Closet

It's been about four days since I started cleaning out my closet, and well, I'm still not done. Trust me when I say I have a lot of stuff in there! Then again, I'm taking a long time, too, because I'm just going through all my things, little by little, and taking the time to rediscover everything in there. Some of the more interesting finds:

1) My old grade school signature book.

Now THIS is some funny shit. It looks like my grade school had a shitload of these things left over from the 70's, and they decided to give them to us when we graduated from 8th Grade all the way back in 1997. In the front, I filled out my name, date of graduation, teachers, names of best friends (none of whom I've kept in contact with past high school), and, heh heh, college of choice. You know what I said back then?


HA HA!!!

2) One of my daily journals from grade school

Taking up a whopping 12 pages, the biggest story I wrote about in this journal was about an encounter that I had with this girl at a local McDonald's, where, basically, I took every chance I could to stare at the "most beautiful girl I had ever seen." I stared so much, that I wound up hitting the shit out of my little Godbrother with a dine-in tray while I was throwing it away. ("I didn't know he was there! I wasn't looking!")

Man, it was so simple back then...

3) My "Pocket Simon Says"

I don't even know if they sell these things anymore, but I'm sure everyone older than the age of 16 remembers the little electronic game, "Simon Says," where you had to accurately recall what order to press four different colored buttons right after the game gave you an example of what to press. I use to be super good with that game.

4) A book from the Brooklyn Tech HS library

I've always said that when I was in HS, I never set foot in the school library. Well, apparently, that didn't stop me from stealing a book. I remember when I was given the news my senior year that I couldn't get my HS diploma unless I returned a book that I "borrowed" from the library. Man, I argued and argued that "NEVER" got books from that library. I argued the point so well, I got the school officials to strike the book off my record and they gave me my diploma. Well, here I am, five years later, digging through my closet, and I find the book that they said I never returned.

HA HA!!!

The second I can find my digital camera through all this crap, I will post pictures with me and some of the stuff that I found while I was cleaning.


Blogger Freebird said...

It's amazing how much stuff one can store in a closet and forget about. It's also nice to be able and reminice (sp?) about the good ol' days.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, you might find Jimmy Hoffa in there too . . . LOL


10:19 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

That's cool. A nice trip down memory lane. It sounds weird but once about 10 years ago, I tried a cigarette for the first time since I had quit 15 years prior. I had a flash of memories come flooding back from my teenage years. It's amazing how the brain works. BTW, the cigarette was nasty. I can't believe I ever let myself get used to it. I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth for hours.

10:20 AM  

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