Sunday, May 16, 2004

Internship, Chiyo Issues, and Troy

I've spent one week in my internship here in London, and you know
something? I STILL don't know what the hell the organization is about.
See, this place is called the "Institute of Quality Assurance," and,
after a week of running around, establishing an events calendar,
working on flyers, and all kinds of marketing-type stuff, quite
frankly, I don't know what it is that we do. From what I can gather,
we're this organization that acts as a middleman for the British
Government and British Businesses; we take the standards imposed by the
government on industries, and we then make it easier for industries to
understand and provide guidance on how to implement those standards. We
encourage individuals as well as organizations to become members of our
organization, and now, we even offer training courses for individuals
who would like to be even more knowledgeable about Quality issues,
when, upon completion of this training, they get a title to place next
to their name. Confused, yet? Well, if not, remember, this is only the
beginning. If you are, then, you have less hope than I do.

I think I'll understand exactly what IQA is about by the time the
internship is over. :-)

During my little downtime away from the blog, I was having a couple of
issues with the ex. Basically, we were discussing our living
arrangements for next year (remember, we're signed on to live in the
same house), and she was letting me know about how she lost her
roommate for next year, and now is forced to find someone else to
replace that person. Whatever, I thought our discussions were civil, n
whatnot. We talked about my Jeep, and she was suggesting to sell it to
forgive this debt I have with her, which I don't want to do, and
really, even if I wanted to, I can't do anything about it from London.
Our discussions, like I said, were of a good tone, and I was offering
her a chance to work something out with me this summer so we could
resolve all of our issues and go our separate ways in a clean manner.
Instead, however, she sent me an e-mail threatening me with some
bullshit like lawyers, and getting her current boyfriend to fight me. I
fucking flipped. I have no idea how this shit is going to get resolved,
but with this last message, she definitely changed the tone of our
discussions. I remember people were telling me a couple of months ago
to just step away from the situation and move on without getting
entangled in problems, but apparently, this chick wants to bring me
right into them. Knowing me, I'm certain of one thing; if she goes
forward with any of her threats, I will make sure to retaliate, and if
that happens, there will be no mercy. I hope it doesn't have to come to
that, though, but if it does, then I will do what I must.

I saw "Troy" was a decent movie. Great way to suck up
some free time (three freaking hours!). Brad Pitt did his thing. Eric
Bana did his thing, too. I think Helen should've been someone who was
prettier, though. I mean, the actress who plays her, while she is
good-looking, is hard to think of as the "face that launched a thousand
ships." Helen was supposed to be the most beautiful woman in the
classical Greek world, and I thought one of the ho's that was running
around in the movie was prettier than her. Aww, well. Still, check it
out just to say that you've seen it. Achilles did some gangsta shit,
son... especially when he killed his main enemy...I was like damn, son,
that shit is deep. Watch it to see what I mean.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey....I'll help u deal with the Chinita (Japanese, Korean...whatever the hell she is, u know what I mean.) You know I DO have a couple of words to say to her...BUT COME BACK FAST!!!

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh goodness. darnit chiyo. the girl's crazy. and of course, if the boyfriend is gonna beat anyone up, it's gonna be his boyfriend in jail after he gets arrested for serial rape :-X


12:48 AM  

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