Sunday, July 18, 2004

FYI, a Few Tidbits of Updates

...Starbucks is officially shot down during the rest of my stay in the NYC. I've got a very negative reaction from a few of their managers about the prospects of my working for them until I get back to Syracuse. I'm not sure if I will return to the 'Bucks at SU, but for now, I'm trying everything I can to avoid that possibility...

...I finished reading the DaVinci Code. So, for all of you people who have been asking me to borrow the book, I am ready to place you on the waiting list. Thus far, here is the list (some people have been removed because they have bought the book themselves):

My momma (current reader)

Anyone else?

...Speaking of Eve, she is now officially off the "cut off" list. There are those among my friends that aren't exactly too happy upon seeing the news, but quite frankly, it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. There are people who have done worse to me, personally, that deserve such a distinction. I'm not saying we're completely on good terms, or that we're getting back together, but I am saying that I should place my energy on holding grudges with people who deserve it legitimately, not with old high school drama. Eve is the first of several people I hope to talk to again after a long hiatus. It's time for me to let my anger die down, and give people a second (sometimes a third) chance. If shit don't work out, then, I'll let it go. Not everyone is meant to be my friend, no matter how personable I may be. (Wanna see where I first got the idea to talk to old acquaintances again? Check out this

...I have to go back up to Cuse again before August to get my Jeep, the last remaining thing left within Chiyo's grasp. Unfortunately, I'll be giving good ol' Cookie an unceremonious goodbye as I junk that ol' gal. I had some wonderful times, however short-lived they were, in that car. I'll miss ya... :-(

...And with that, the new car search begins. Specifications? Cheap, small, good on gas, and low on insurance rates. As long as it ain't knocking on Death's door, I'll take it. Estimated purchase date? Late October. (Gotta settle debts first) In the meantime, it's time to polish up that old bike...(imagine me on the highway with a Toys R' Us bike)

...Shout out to Anna for helping me get an internship with Billboard Magazine. It's not set in stone, but it certainly looks hopeful. Wish me luck!

...I'm getting in on the work-out kick. I joined a gym for the rest of my time in NYC (at the best price possible...FREE!), and am avidly working hard to get into excellent condition by next March for Spring Break 2005! I want bitches taking body shots off my washboard abs!! (Well, maybe not all that, but at the least, I could take "Migente Status" pics, and I could run around campus all day without gasping for air.) Zu is down with the plan, as well. I'm trying to get Mishu, but she would rather spend her time sleeping and eating. :-)

...Someone already asked me if I was getting the new iPod that Apple is going to release this week. To answer that question...NO! I'm perfectly fine with the one I have. And so, since I'm not getting the new unit, that also answers the second part of the question of whether or not I can give away my old one...NO!!!!

...I need money, bad, which also means I ain't even going to THINK about purchasing anything...

...And yeah...that's all for now...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. So waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
2. Awwww
3. Aiiiiight
4. Yeah Meghn

best wishes

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All done with DaVinci. Pass it on!

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I bet u'll look cute riding ur toys r us bike...just promise me this..NO really tight me girls are not that turned on by Sam

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i did NOT like the ending to the code- really great book, ending flopped.

1:04 PM  

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