Thursday, August 05, 2004

For Once, I'm Actually Not Saying What I Think...

After much internal debate and deliberation, I have decided to not publish a particular blog dealing with a two-year dispute between two "friends" that has somehow involved Zulay and I in it. While I'm a player in the debate, I'm certainly not a part of the main event. Don't ask me how it started. I do know, however, that there's no way it can end on good terms if both sides say what's on their mind in their complete and unadulterated form...

So, it's already a bad situation. And it don't need to get worse with me throwing in my two cents.

What I will say, though, is that this past weekend's emergency trip to Syracuse (second in a month) was a complete waste of my time. Nothing was accomplished. If I find out that the aforementioned dispute had anything to do with my visit to Cuse, I swear, I will fucking tear a new asshole in someone. That shit is straight grimey.

Woooossaaahhhh...(Calm down, Ray, calm down...)

I fucking hate high school drama...especially when it's coming from college students. (Sigh)

...Baby, you gotta realize you're at the center of this debate...please...just put all your cards on the table for all to see, and go from there. Don't worry about hurt feelings. It doesn't get worse than what it is now...


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