Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The Top 10 Most-Played Songs of July 2004

Ahh...yes...July...fireworks, hot summer days, and half-naked girls...oh yeah, baby. That's the life right there. :-D It was my first full month in the States since I arrived from London, and, shit, a lot happened, meng. A trip to Houston (replete with horny kitties and a sprained ankle to show for it), seemingly endless struggles to get up to Syracuse, and the recent aquisition of an internship at Billboard Magazine. Not bad, eh?

So, without further are the Top 10...

10. "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet, off their album, "Get Born" (last month, #2)

9. "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand, off their self-titled album (new)

8. "Pobre Diabla" by Don Omar, off the "El" album (new)

7. "Freaky" by Young Rome, Guerilla Black, and Rufus Blaq, off of Rome's album, "Food for Thought" (new)

6. "How to Be Dead" by Snow Patrol, off the "Final Straw" album (new)

5. "All at Sea" by Jamie Cullum, off the "Twentysomething" album (new)

4. "Chocolate" by Snow Patrol, off their album, "Final Straw" (new)

3. "Warrior, Pt. 2" by Lloyd Banks, featuring Eminem, off the "The Hunger For More" album (new)

2. "Monuments and Melodies by Incubus, off of iTunes Exclusive Incubus single (new)

1. "My Stupid Mouth" by John Mayer, off the "Inside Wants Out" album (new)

I couldn't keep John Mayer away for too long. He just had to creep up in there again to reclaim his place atop my Most-Played List. I don't know why, but, I just get transported to a different place everytime I hear his songs...and diversions are always welcome in during the morning rush hour on the's like, you wanna be anywhere else but there.

Snow Patrol's album, overall, "Final Straw" received massive play time during this past month, but the two songs, "Chocolate" and "How to be Dead" peaked during this period. If you haven't checked out their album, or any of their music, I suggest you do. Some people might dismiss them as "another Coldplay" but that couldn't be further from the truth. Start off with their track, "Run" (last month's #8), and go on from there. Before you know it, you'll have their songs stuck in your head, guaranteed. Especially "Run."

I REALLY, REALLY like Incubus' track, "Monuments and Melodies." It's a bluesy-rock track that completely sets the mood when you want to lay back and close your eyes. Drift with this song as you hear the guitar riff in the background.

You might be looking at this dude, Jamie Cullum, and wonder, "who the fuck is that?" Well, I'll tell you...he's the one man "British Invasion." He's like a British Norah Jones, though a bit more clever, lyrically. Take a gander at "All at Sea" and see if you would like to add it to your collection. It would do well for you, particularly now that school is starting soon. You can definitely concentrate with this song, as well as the rest of his album. Check it out.

And now...drum roll please...7 out of my top 10 songs were actually purchased on iTMS. Good shit. After all, I can't be stealing music now that I'm working for Billboard...

But then again, there are always them free CDs...;-)


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like I said yesterday... I've finally discovered that you're the one who takes all the good cd's!!! now i gotta steal them from your desk!

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