Friday, August 06, 2004

It Suddenly Hits Me...

I had an epiphany today. I decided to stop being in denial, and actually look at a calendar for once.

I have two weeks. Two weeks before I return to Hell. AKA: Syracuse University

I remember my freshman year, when I was all excited about going to college and getting out my momma's place. I remember the constant day-dreaming about parties, fraternities, intelligent conversations, going to class in PJs, and non-stop sex. Oh yeah, and classes, too.

...Ahh..back when I was naive...

Now, three years later, I have grown disillusioned with my once beloved University. Sure, I had plenty of fun, and participated in pretty much all the things I thought I would when I first left for college, but, after Fall semester of last year, I was just left with a bad taste in my mouth. I needed to get out of there, ASAP, and my semester abroad in London provided that much needed space. But, after being up there twice during the past month, I realized that I need to stay away just a bit longer. Certainly more than the two weeks I have left to chill in NYC. I don't think I'm ready, emotionally, for a return just yet...

- I'm still feeling the effects of an academic burnout, which, might get worse considering I'm taking 19 credits this semester...

- I despise those spoiled brats from Long Island that dominate the University so much more than ever before.

- I'm dead broke (always a downer)

- I need a car, and can't afford one because of aforementioned problem

- My roommates and I are having trouble coming up with enough money to pay the first month's rent for our house...(always an issue if you don't have a place to live in)

- DRAMA from all angles...

- and...I need SUNLIGHT!!! Remember kiddies...Syracuse IS snow. And grey. We can't forget grey.

But, as I always tell people, there's always a bright side...

- REFUND CHECK! (ka-ching!)

- Starbucks! (Well, maybe that's not such a good thing...hey, at least I'm rehired without the BS)

- I'm single again...not exactly my first choice, but, at least that means I'm on a clean slate...

- Devil's Spring (sniff, sniff, memories...) [Central NY's greatest liquor, for the uninitiated]

- Nice house (though, I can't afford furniture for it just yet)

- I'm taking FREEENNNCCHH!!! (Ho, ho, ho, c'est la vie, bitches!)

- I get to smack Michelle's ass again. (The ultimate stress reliever) :-)

- I'm like a freaking media hog...Editor-in-Chief of La Voz, Editor of SU Latino, AND, I want my time slot back on my radio show...

- Possibility of a new Mac...(and it's FREEEE!!!)

and finally...


Wait...that last one should go in the "bad section..."

So Syracuse...ETA: Two Weeks from today. Ready or not, here goes nuttin.


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