Saturday, December 18, 2004

Among the 'Stupidest Trends' Ever...

Uggs...these fucking things are beginning to appear everywhere, and quite frankly, I can't stand them. They look sooo stupid, especially when people try to tuck their pants into the top of the boot. Bitch, you ain't skiing!

These things need to stay in Australia. Not on the feet of people who have absolutely no idea how to even spell 'Australia.'

I feel like walking up to one of these peanuthead girls wearing them and screaming, "I'm going on Safari, muthafucka! Sa-FA-RI!!!!!"


Blogger Ivy said...

This is some good sh*t. :P Well actually in Canada we need those stormtroopers - which I still refused to wear (as u can infer I was raised in the tropics all my life before this shit of a -20 Celsius that they call 'good weather'.. good weather for me was a sunny day at 30 degrees). The snow melts quickly here and turn to ice, without those ugly things we'll slip and crack our heads.

But in the states? I really don't think they should take the trouble to look like Bigfoot.

4:05 AM  

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