Saturday, March 18, 2006

Freshly Squeezed

And just like that, Syracuse's aspiring NCAA hopes have been shut down in a rather ugly game against Texas A&M. G-Mac simply couldn't keep the team on his shoulders the same way that he did for us during the Big East Tournament. He reinjured a nagging groin injury at the start of the game, and after that, well, it was all downhill for us.

We can't be too disappointed though. With the kind of season that we had, it was a miracle that we even got into the freaking tournament, so, it all works out in the end. We had a good season, man, winning the Big East title n' all.

I guess the countdown officially begins to next basketball season for us.

If I move to London, I better be able to find some kind of satellite solution that'll allow me to keep up with the action from across the pond! Those 9 o'clock PM games are going to kill me, though. 2AM, London time?! What crap!


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