Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Crush of the Month (February 2006)

Let's forget for a second that I did not post a Crush of the Month (CotM) for January. Let's also fail to remember that today is the last day of February. What matters is that I have an official CotM, and for this month, it's a tad different than normal...

With me running around campus trying to accomplish God knows what, the one thing that's kept me going is my love for old-school Hip-Hop. Yes, I'm talking REAL Hip-Hop, not that stupid bullshit that's on the radio nowadays with someone yapping about how much money they got or how many hoes they've skeeted on. I'm talking Eric B. and Rakim. A Tribe Called Quest. EPMD. Early NAS. Digable Planets. Classic Wu-Tang. These folks made MUSIC. They spit hot rhymes, told us how to chill the RIGHT way, and let us know just exactly what's going down in the world. From "Follow the Leader" to "They Want EFX," I just couldn't go wrong with an excellent playlist of about 300 tracks from the Golden Era of Hip-Hop.

Whoever hates on Hip-Hop hasn't heard any of this shit. Try digging deeper than the crap they play on the radio. You might be surprised.

So, because the ol' skool has brought so much joy to me during this past month, I am very happy to announce that "Old School Hip-Hop" is my official Crush of the Month for February. Congrats, yooo!

Until next time, keep "Buggin' Out", "Don't Believe the Hype," "Don't Sweat the Technique" and remember what's the "Scenario."


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