Monday, October 02, 2006

Ramblings of a Mad Blogger (or... "I'm Baaacckkk")

Boy, am I glad to see you!

I don't remember the last time I saw the Blogger interface grace my computer screen, but whenever it was, it sure was a long while ago. I needed to take a break from everything, including blogging, in order to get my life straight, and well, after all this time, I think things are finally getting back to some semblance of "normal." (Ha, things are NEVER normal in my life)

As of tomorrow, I'm a working man. I'm going to start working for this company that basically sells... well, to be honest with you, I have no idea what the hell they do. All I know is that I'm going to be working on Wall Street somewhere, as a "mortgage broker." Not exactly the most exciting job (or the most well-defined), but hey, it's money, and as far as that's concerned, that's all I really need at the moment. I can't wait for the day when I finally have more than 2 bucks to my name. Still, there's something fishy about this company.. and I can't quite put my finger on it... more details when I get home tomorrow.

My new job... straight from Boiler Room?

Remember when I said I was working on a film? Well, that idea hasn't panned out yet. I've been so busy trying to get a job in the past couple of weeks, that I just haven't had enough time to dedicate to writing a proper script that coud be used for a project. But, I was able to at the very least to get the gears moving with the people I was going to work with. We've met up, discussed potential topics and ideas that we could work on, and have some kind of idea of where we want to go. Now, it's just a matter of having time to get together to actually meet up and "git 'er done!"

Since the last time I wrote, a couple of friends and fellow bloggers have decided to give up on the whole blogging thing and just move on with their lives. For awhile, it looked like I had decided to go down that road as well, but it really wasn't anything like that at all. I just needed some "me" time, and well, I think I'm done with that. So, stick around folks. Get them RSS feeds bookmarked. And welcome back to the "Coffee Break." :-)

I'm going to go to bed now. I'm too tired to think clearly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO, you put up a Boiler Room pic!!! I'm so proud, this was totally my idea :oD

12:09 PM  

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