Thursday, August 12, 2004

Whoo boy, Republicans are Going to Have a Field Day With This One...

As I type this, news is beginning to filter in that the Governor of NJ has just resigned from his office, citing that he is having an extramarital affair with another man...

I'm sure jaws are dropping all over the place as they hear the news...

And I'm sure Conservatives are laughing in glee over the fact that a Democrat has admitted to being gay.

I will call it right now and say that the fires of homophobia will be stoked by the Unholy Alliance of Fox News and the Republican party.

This, politically, don't look good...blah.

Good luck, Governor McGreevey. You're going to need it, man. Now, you'll truly see first hand just how hateful and ignorant many Americans can be... :-/


Blogger Zulay said...

Fuck.... couldn't wait till after Election day

On da bright side... Another article for La Voz :-)

2:05 AM  

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