Thursday, December 23, 2004

Oh Look, There's Me...and There's Me Again...

One of the biggest controversies of the past 10 years revolves around the prospect of cloning, or literally, copying something's genetic code and, in effect, making an identical copy of it. While this cloning stuff was all the rage in sci-fi stories for years, something happened when Dolly, the sheep, was first cloned in 1995...

People began to think in terms of the almighty Dollar...

Yes, cloning was fast becoming the new potential profit center of the future. Some envisioned stem-cell research. Others envisioned armies of clones (like Star Wars or something). And we cannot forget the controversy surrounding bringing old personalities back to life (like the Ted Williams controversy, where the dude's son had his head cryogenically frozen so that it could be used to clone another "Teddy Ballgame") Of course, religious groups came out in droves and denounced cloning (and all other scientific developments related to it) as the complete and utter damnation of the human race in the eyes of God. It seemed that no matter where you looked, someone had SOMETHING at stake in this whole cloning business.

Today, I couldn't help but scratch my head at the concept of cloning your cat . This woman spent $50,000 on cloning her beloved furball which had passed away after a long 17 years. Now, I personally don't have too much of an opinion on cloning, outside of the fact that I don't want another "me" running around trying to live my life, but quite frankly, the concept of spending all that money to clone a pet is complete crap. For $50,000, you could fucking buy a shitload of cats that right now, couldn't even DREAM of being in a home. There are so many strays running around, literally dying for a chance to live in warm and loving home, and this bitch (who probably wears Uggs) decides that she wants to spend all that money on a fucking clone of a cat that already had a long ass life to begin with. Bitch, get another cat. Get two, even.

And what's the stance of the company that did the cloning?

"Hey, the bitch paid us, so we did it. :-) "

And now we can hear the collective groaning of everyone at the ASPCA.


Blogger llp said...

It's no worse than spending that much money on fertility treatments to have quintuplets when you could adopt for the same price...

7:26 PM  
Blogger djkibblesnbits said...

That's actually a bit different, in my opinion. It's only human nature to want to do everything possible to make sure that the children we have are sprung from our own loins. There's that reassurance that your bloodline will survive another generation and that gut feeling that your children are YOURS. Most people adopt only in the event that they have no other choice.

Not to mention most will agree that adopting a kitty is emotionally a lot different from adopting a child.

Plus, children at adoption agencies aren't exactly cooped up in cages, or are "put to sleep" like unwanted cats are.

So, it's not exactly the best parallel you can make.

7:43 PM  

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