Wednesday, December 29, 2004

On behalf of Apple...

Let us all take a moment from our day to pray for the people affected by the tsunamis in South Asia.

Please visit for links to organizations helping the recovery efforts.


Blogger Yiyi said...

Hey hey. Post Merry Xmas greeting to u! ;)
Yeah i paid over S$1000 for my HP. Hee. I know e price is extorbitant. But i cldn't resist e hp. Love it. It's been great so far. I hv mp3 ringtones! Lol. Yeah silly i know. Plus it's a clamshell. I hv been wanting one 4 ages! Hope ya xmas was great. it's gonna be a new yr soon! Any new yr resolutions made? How ya going to spend ya new yr's eve? Me am most prob going clubbing or something. ;) Hope everythg's going well for you. Do take care!

9:30 AM  

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