Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Santa Switches a Lump of Coal for eBay...

Now, this is freaking an AWESOME story...the father of these three boys decided to take his kids' Christmas gifts (3 Nintendo DS's) and put them for sale on eBay because they were acting like complete brats.

To make things even funnier, the same people who bought the grilled cheese sandwich that had the likeness of the Virgin Mary on it bought the three DS's.

Man, those kids must've done something REALLY bad to have their Christmas gifts sold on eBay...I can imagine just how the father tortured the kids while he was doing it...

"Oh will you look at that? There are 23 people who are bidding on your Nintendos! Oh, look, another bidder!"

Yes...21st Century Lumps of Coal...gotta love it. :-)

Here's the article...Brats Gifts on Ebay


Blogger Sally said...

It was a casino that bought stuff...I guess if you have any oddities you want to sell on ebay now is the time!

8:07 PM  
Blogger Jose said...

right on. note to self ... hahah

2:32 AM  

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