Sunday, January 16, 2005

Dropping the "Gay" Bomb

Now, THIS is some funny stuff... according to an article in the BBC, the US Government experimented with developing a so-called "love bomb" which, upon impact, would incite homoerotic tension among enemy troops. This "distasteful, but non-lethal blow" (ha ha, they said, "blow") would be enough to cause enough of a distraction among the enemy for the US to gain a decisive advantage in a war campaign.

Among other kinds of bombs under consideration was flatulence bomb, a device that would cause widespread flatulence among enemy troops, a "sting-me" weapon which would prompt insects and rodents to bite enemy soldiers, and a "bad-breath" bomb. What's even more shocking was that a lot of this stuff was under development not even 9 years ago.

You can find the article here on the BBC: "US Military Pondered Love Not War"

The US: "Bending over backwards" to defeat the enemy. :-D


Blogger Freebird said...

Funny! I spent some time yesterday enjoying your blog. It's a great one. Read somewhere that your mom was only 18 when you were born. Man, that's the story of my life. Just wanted to say she must be very proud of you and everything you've accomplished. :-)

1:16 AM  
Blogger Veronica said...

Hey did you add the link to the news article? It doesn't show on my computer.

1:13 PM  
Blogger djkibblesnbits said...

Vero, I had a little tiny error in my HTML code, but I fixed it now, so the link works just fine. :-) Just click the title of the BBC article, and it should lead you to what I was talking about. :-)

2:26 AM  

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