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Prince Peanuthead

Such a dork
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I remember laughing incessantly during my stay in London everytime I read something about Prince Harry publicly reminding the world that out of all the British Royals, he's the one with the one fry short of a Happy Meal. I mean, if you know you're being followed around all the time by members of the press, just why are you going to go to a club, and very visibly stick your fingers into some random tart? Or pass out in the middle of the street? Or any other ridiculous thing he's done over the years?

This time, Prince Harry is getting a shitload of heat for showing up to a costume party wearing the desert uniform of a Nazi soldier. When I saw this story, I was like, "Are you fucking stupid?!" I was thinking to myself, "Man, if Prince Harry showed up in Syracuse wearing that to a costume party, he would get his ass kicked faster than you can say, "Blackface!" (For those of ya'll outside the SU loop, every single year, you can count on some insensitive prick donning a Sambo motif for a random costume party.)

Here's an article from BBC News covering the story. "Harry the Nazi"

Some people might say, "Oh, leave him alone, he's only 20." Fuck that shit. It wasn't that long ago that I was 20, too, and people didn't see me doing that kind of stuff. Why? Because I have COMMON SENSE.

Hey, at least there's practically no shot in hell that he won't become King of England, lol.


Blogger Smiles said...

I came and visited again and am chuffed about Prince Harry because I need an opportunity to diss him, such a fucken loser! I have found aforementioned opportunity (the word, the word) and will now commence:
Everyone is totally schizing out, the press response is HUGE, especially amongst the tabloids (The Sun, The Mirror, The Mail etc. Do you have tabloids? I dunno).

It's a huge embarrassment for the monarchy too, after Harry generally being a "naughty boy" and doing cannabis - Prince Charles shat himself over it and made Harry visit a Rehab clinic and stuff, which was funny. And he has a "common" girlfriend called Chelsea (fair play, if the name is anything to go by, she's probably quite a townie (y'know, trackies, lots of cheap shit jewlery, big makeup. You must have seen absolutely loads in London, the key word here being "chav" - like the English version of a redneck or hillbilly, but younger and more prone to crime, lol. Go on for photo's of typical chavs).

Where was I? Yeah, so he's been a bit bad recently, which is big-time tabloid fodder, especially as royal family public opinion is down down down at the moment. Shit yeah I forgot about the A-level thing! The Art higher education exam (like age 18, for uni entry the following year) his teacher apparantley took home his sketchbooks and paintings to work on herself to help him pass the exam or something? I felt a bit sorry for him then because he nearly failed the A-levels anyway, which would be a HUGE deal for the royals, especially seeing as he's at Eton/Harrow (can't remember which), hugely expensive, priviledged, traditional, famous fee-paying schools. Despite A-levels not being compulsory in the UK, they're a requirement for the army or whatever it is he wants to do now, and all royals get qualifications or else it looks like their turning their back on the education system (which I think they are by not utilising state schools that 90% of the population have to use - and should, they're perfectly good - because they cant afford the huge fees places like Eton & Harrow charge) Speculation ruled for a bit that Charles's were a bit dodgy in legitimacy, but then what can you expect from someone who is ploughing hundreds of thousands of pounds into research into aromatherapy? Riiiiight.

But I mean, how stupid can you get? It's not at all appropriate, and not for a fancy-dress party of all things. But he's a bit of a mystery anyway, because he's allegedly James Hewitt's child with Princess Diana. She almost certainly had an affair with Hewitt at some point, and Harry does look very similar to him. But I'm not sure about that rumour. Bugs me that there's no way of knowing, and probably never will be, because it's basically the Royal Family's number one cover-up priority, especially after the whole Diana thing. Anyway, its a sick costume, despite his later apology.

Is it big news in America then? Do you get lots of international news from Europe etc? We get loads of American stuff, ALL about Bush (who else?!) and mostly critical. A good place to look at Bush's negative international press response is, I notice you got the Harry source from the BBC - for Bush, I find they're a bit neutral and meek sometimes, so if you want a critique of him, that site is really good, amongts others and some bits of the BBC. Its a left-wing liberal newspaper website, I absolutely love the paper, its damn funny and also political.

I read about Colin Powell's rudeness in striding straight into the Worldwide Tsunami communication tent in Thailand after the after Tsunami, talkign for a minute with the US representative, before walking straight out again, without meeting the line of charity workers who had organised to shake his hand and negotiate aid for the disaster! Luckily for him, someone told him outside and he about-turned. And Bush - what the fuck is with his Creationist theory being taught as a Science? WHAT?! Lol.


4:23 PM  
Blogger djkibblesnbits said...

Sam, thanks for your response. It's pretty awesome getting commentary from someone across the Pond. :-) I remember hearing all about those stories of Prince Harry's exploits when I was in London. It truly is embarrassing for the Royal Family as well as the people of the UK; his fashion faux pas made front page news in OUR tabloids. (Yeah, we got them too, especially in New York. The Sun (UK) and the New York Post are both owned by Rupert Murdoch) It's sad to see him wasting the opportunities being granted to him as far as school is concerned. So many people bust their ass just to get a tiny taste of the kind of perks he used to, and he's sitting there wasting them. It's sad, really.

Chavs? LOL, I didn't hear that one in London, but I definitely saw what you were talking about. In Syracuse, we call those kinds of people, "townies," or in their case, "white trash." Some of those uncouth girls were the ones trying to get me to hook up with them...never mind that in some cases, I was almost twice their age. Such dirt, lol.

Generally speaking, we don't get lots of international news here because most of the peanutheads in this country don't really care about anything beyond their front yards. So, when Americans leave the country, they're legitimately shocked at how the rest of the world perceives us. It's rare for an American like myself to be checking out websites like the BBC or the Guardian (which I read everyday) unless they specifically work within media.

We've been having that whole Creationist debate for over a century. It's nothing new. I think all the stupid ass religious groups in this country get together and pick a day to re-ignite old debates like this one just because they have nothing better to do. It's gotten to the point that no one around here really cares anymore, lol.

Thanks for the comment! Come back anytime!

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