Tuesday, January 11, 2005

No More Excuses...Buy a Mac and an iPod!

The new Mac mini
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I've been rather busy lately conjuring up ways to spread the Mac gospel at SU, but now, my job has just gotten a whole lot easier. Apple has just introduced two new pieces of hardware that are sure to set the computing world on fire. First, introducing the new Mac mini At 6 ounces, this little baby is smaller in height than the credit card sized iPod mini. And it packs quite a lot of computer in a small package...and guess how much it costs? Starting at $499, this Mac is the most affordable computer out right now. This is definitely the "Dell killa," knocking the pants off of that other said company's inferior products.

And if that doesn't faze ya...introducing the new iPod Shuffle. At .7 ounces, this little baby is about the size of a stick of gum (and oh, so much more fun.) And guess how much? $99. So if you've always wanted an iPod, but couldn't afford it, well, now here's about the closest you can get to "dirt-cheap" when it comes to awesome technology.

The new iPod shuffle
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Alright, now I'll stop with the marketing stuff...seriously, these new products, especially the Mac mini, are simply awesome in their utility and their overall value. If I were in the market for a low-cost computing solution, the Mac mini would be my bet.

Ahhh yes...I love working for Apple. :-)


Blogger Nima said...

Awesome stuff.

I'm a Mac user meself, with and iPod (20 gigs) to go with it. Love them. Need the iPod Photo, just to indulge myself, but do not have enough money at the moment. Perhaps in the future.

I share the love of Apples with you.

3:43 PM  

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